Saturday, May 7, 2011

Breaking news: Disgorge are back, baby!

Ok, I know it's midnight on a Friday, and you're all probably in bed or drunk by now, but this can't wait until the morning. After a five year hiatus, the San Diego underground brutal death metal outfit Disgorge have finally announced that they are reforming with a new lineup (their bassist Ben Marlin passed away in 2008), which includes Erik Lindmark (Deeds of Flesh) and the one and only Derek Boyer (Suffocation/Decrepit  Birth). And as if that weren't enough, the band also announced that they have begun working on a brand new album too. The fifth album will be called And the Weak Shall Perish, and it will be their third for Unique Leader Records. In his statement, founding drummer Ricky Meyers said "When Disgorge was formed in 1992 we set out to make the most brutal music we could, and nothing will ever change that no matter who is playing the instruments. This album will be no different. It will be some of the sickest and fastest work ever laid down by Disgorge". Sounds solid to me. Meyers went on to assure that Disgorge would again be touring once the album comes out, and that they will be playing songs that they've never played live before. You'd be a fool not to get excited about this one, folks. Alright, you may resume your regularly scheduled Friday night, and here's the music video for the title track from Disgorge's 2002 album Consume the Forsaken to remind you of what the metal community just got back.

Gore not core!

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