Thursday, May 5, 2011

Evile (finally) announce details on new album

Alright kiddies, after months of waiting, the British modern thrash champions Evile have finally released the skinny on their newest full length. The album will be called The Five Serpents' Teeth, and is set to drop on August 29th via Earache Records. Guitarists Matt and Ol Drake both seem very excited about the new album, saying "The past two years of hard work, and the work put in in the studio, have really paid off.  The few people who've heard the album so far have praised it highly, making me, and us, very proud.  The album has such a unique production sound which surprised me; Russ' (Russel, producer) skills have really shined on this record.  It has an old classic sound, while staying huge and menacing". Sounds good enough for me, but if it's not for you Matt also recorded a video where he explains the new album and its concepts, which can be seen over yonder. If The Five Serpents' Teeth is anything like Evile's last two albums, then you'll definitely want to pick this one up, because this band really is at the forefront of the modern thrash movement. Expect lots of windmill-induced headaches and whiplash at the end of August, my friends. Stay tuned and stay brutal.


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