Friday, October 29, 2010

End of the Week: What are You Guys Listening to?

It's been a big week for us here at Mosh Rebellion. The website just started, and thanks to the awesome dudes at Metalsucks we have a lot of new writers! You all heard Dingus', The Baby Killer's, and Choops' take on hardcore dancing, some of which were more strongly worded than others. We told you about awesome Lamb of God breakdowns (which you probably already knew about), and introduced you to the most brutal Englishman ever, Kev.

So I think at the end of the week we should all share what we're listening to. Here are some of my favorite songs as of lately.

All Shall Perish - Gagged, Bound, Shelved and Forgotten 
When Awaken the Dreamers first came out I could never get into this song, but for some reason I can't stop listening to it now. The intro pumps me up so fucking much, and I love the lyrics. Here's an excerpt.

"Don't let them take our nation
Our nation, leaving us drifting through falsehood
Redemption is gone
They tell us that were fine, that we choose our rights
Our choice, a fight
What fucking lies
They slay our minds
This is for penance
We all are taking the fall
And if they think they've won, they better think...
They fucking better think twice"

It can kinda be contorted to represented my hatred towards hardcore dancers. They might think they've won the pit, but they don't know what's comin to 'em. We can't let them take our nation (of metal). I guess. Or something. Whatever, listen to it below.

Cynic - Adam's Murmur
Oh god. The melodic part that starts at 0:40 gets me every time. Such a goddamn fantastic bands from one of the best bands around. Listen to this shit.

N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton
Honesty time I here. I don't just listen to metal. In fact, I fucking love gangsta rap, especially stuff from the 90's, and this shit is some of the most ghetto stuff you'll find. This song makes me want to fuck shit up, it's so good, almost as gangsta as Dr. Dre's The Chronic (arguably the best rap album ever). Also, it's funny to think that the guy who spits the rhyme, "When I'm called off, I got a sawed off, Squeeze the trigger, and bodies are hauled off" went on to star in such prestigious films as Are We There Yet? No matter, download this shit and blast it in you're car.

So, that's what I've been listening to, what about you guys? Post in the comments below, give us some good music for the weekend!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Baby Killer's Take Part II: Brutal, not Br00tal

Below you'll find another well worded rant from writer the Baby Killer. It's not about hardcore dancing necessarily, but it's definitely worth a read. Think of this as part two in introducing him as a writer. I insist you read on.

It's cute how people listen to some silly mainstream band like Atreyu, In This MomentBring Me the Horizon or something to that effect and think just because they listen to bands that have distorted guitars that they're "brutal" and that they have some semblance of a clue what metal is. Now, I'm not usually an elitist by nature, I'm normally pretty carefree. It's your right as a person to like whatever you want to like, and I try not to deride people for liking something that I don't, but seriously, this shit's gotta fucking stop.

Less than a day after the Mayhem Festival came to town this past summer, I noticed an outpouring of stupid preppy bitches ranting on their Facey-Spaces about "fucking shit up in the pit at a 
Lamb of God show my friend took me to at the Tweeter Center". Don't kid yourself slut, you were there to see Atreyu or Korn or Rob Zombie. You're just trying to look tough for your friends because, for some inexplicable reason, metal is rising in popularity, and you're subconsciously trying to stick with the "in" crowd. You want a real metal show, with pits that make even me nervous, someone who regularly attends them and has received more than his fair share of lumps in the process? Try moshing for Cannibal Corpse and see if you make it out alive. You want real metal bands, not trendy, flash-in-the-pan bands that are only popular because Hot Topic jerks them off? Try going to some shitty bar in south central Bumblefuck to see the underground bands that bust their asses trying to get their name out, and are willing to play at midnight on a Tuesday to seven other people, because those seven people are the real fans. They're the people that go to shows because they genuinely love the music and want to support the bands in whatever small way they can, not because everyone else is going to be there and there are a couple bands playing that you like because you saw one of their videos on MTV2 or some shit. Try going to shows for bands like Short Bus Pile Up, Gutted Out, Lethean, Cerebral Bore, Jungle Rot or some other band that you've probably never heard of. The tickets are cheaper, the bands are exponentially more talented, and the whole experience is so much more gratifying, because you know that you're contributing to something far more intimate and special.

The underground is where you'll find the true talent, the bands that are doing what they're doing because they truly love to, and are putting their blood and sweat into it because it means that much more to them. In other words, as cliche as it might sound, don't pay attention to the mainstream bands and stick to the underground. Mainstream bands are a given, and more often than not they end up becoming stagnant, boring and watered down, because the labels and industry executives find out what the general public likes and stick to it until the next big trend (aka "cash cow") comes along. The underground, unknown bands will always be the ones who never compromise or falter, and the fans who support those bands and go to the shows at the bars, fire halls, Elks lodges, church basements, etc. will always be the truest of the true. In fact, metal itself should never have been allowed to become mainstream in the first place.

Metal has always been about rebellion, individuality and anti-establishment mentalities, so becoming mainstream contradicts and undermines everything that metal supposedly stands for. It feels great to know that you like something that few others do, but now all of a sudden every fourteen-year-old girl with black hair and boy problems is wearing a Slayer shirt even though they only know "
Reign In Blood" because they played through it on Guitar Hero. Sure, "Funeral Thirst" was and still is a great song. Sure, Job For a Cowboy has some pretty cool songs, especially in their more recent albums. Hell, I even like a good breakdown once in a blue moon. However, the point is the popular has now become the norm in metal, and as a result the lesser-known but undeniably more talented bands that I listen to are now frowned upon by the same exact people that claim to love metal. If you love The Black Dahlia Murder and Job For a Cowboy and Whitechapel, what's wrong with NecrophagistSuffocation or Cannibal Corpse? Those guys are direct influences to the mainstream acts, without them they wouldn't exist. If you're so hard up for deathcore and breakdowns, why not listen to bands that have a great groove but are still brutal as fuck, like Dying Fetus or Abominable Putridity? And if you love those stupid clean auto-tuned choruses so much, why not listen to bands with naturally gifted singers like Dimmu Borgir or System Divide? For Christ's sake, ICS Vortex sang opera before he got into metal, he doesn't need any vocal processors, he's already got a beautiful, powerful voice that sends shivers up my spine.

In closing, what I'm ultimately trying to get across is that if you want to feel special, go out of your way to check out the underdogs. Every single day, I feel empowered, because I listen to music that is there for me no matter what, music that tells me I can be as strong and powerful as I want, as long as I stand my ground and never surrender, and these posers are actively eroding it out from under me. You think you're metal? I'll see you in the pit at the shows for Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Skeletonwitch and/or 
Deicide. Keep an eye out for me, I'll be the one caving your skull in with my boot.

How do you guys feel? Agree with the Baby Killer? Disagree? I know I completely see where he's coming from, but I actually love Lamb of God pits (see and am a surprisingly big fan of Rob Zombie. Weigh in below...

Choops' Take: Is Hardcore Dancing Just a Cry for Attention?

Please welcome another new writer to the site, Choops. Read on to see how he feels about hardcore dancing.

This article goes out to all the hardcore crews. First off, thank you for taking the time to read this. Secondly, go fuck yourselves. Spare me the sight of seeing all you mongoloids in your flat brimmed hats, neon colored Osiris' and your Adidas shorts ruining my fucking shows. Actually, I feel bad about comparing you to mongoloids, because they can't help it. You make a conscious effort to act like a fucking tool.  You swing your tiny little fists around and spasm back and forth, destroying whoever you can in the process. Who are you trying to hit? God, for making you the pathetic piece of shit you are? It's not enough that we give you space in the MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING CROWD to act like assclowns. You still continue to go wherever there are people trying to avoid you. You're like a small child that has to constantly run up and show a parent how special they are. 'LOOK MOMMY! DID YA SEE ME OVER THERE WITH MY FRIENDS? DID YA SEE ME PUNCHING THE AIR? I HIT THAT AIR HARD, HUH?' 'Yes son, you hit the air very hard. You're doing a great job.'  No matter how we try to stay the fuck away from you, you keep coming back to show us what progress you're making on your high kicking skills. I mean, let's identify your scene for what it really is. A cry for attention. A sad, pathetic, equivalent to cutting yourself.

And god forbid we try to stop you. I've heard of the 'raised fist' method of hardcore kid protection, I've used it, and it doesn't fucking work. A stationary raised fist will do nothing to protect you from a kick to the face or a fist to the ribs. You just don't care who you hit or whether or not they want to be hit. Men. Women. People in wheelchairs (I saw this happen, but that's a story for another time). They are all just notches on your fist swinging bed post. When our raised fist fails us, we decide that we're going to actually say something to you. What we don't know is that you hardcore kids are like the music scene's equivalent of the Human Centipede. We think we're just dealing with one of you, but surprise surprise, here come a whole bunch of you, attached ass to mouth. A civil discussion with you and your friends (at least in my experience) is not possible. Everyone's ready to throwdown. And then when we as a metal community decide that we're ready to throwdown as well, then we're not showing respect for your music or culture, and you cry foul. I can't help but think of high school when I think of you. You hardcore kids are, in my opinion, the jocks at the high school of metal. Flexing your muscles and kicking anyone's ass for no other reason than because there's enough of you that you can. Well keep me the fuck out of it. Do us all a favor. Stay in the hundred yard area that any show seems to give you, and keep your stupidity to your fucking selves.

I actually laughed out loud numerous times reading over this article. Well put Choops, well put... Look for more posts from Choops in the future.

Kev: The Most Metal Guy I've Heard of in Awhile

When I checked my email this morning, I was granted with this email from a man from Liverpool named Kev. I thought you guys might find it interesting. Here it is:

Hey Mosh Rebellion
I just came across your blog via metalsucks and I have to say I love what you're doing.
I'm from Liverpool, I'm 36, and I've been fortunate to see a lot of cool bands, a lot from your side of the pond. Been moshing since I was 15 and it's still a rush. 
I remember the exact moment when I first witnessed so called 'hardcore dancing'. It was during an avenged sevenfold gig a few years ago (when they were good) and my girlfriend (now my wife) shouted to me if I was going to go into the pit. I shouted back I was, that was until I suddenly saw 3 fucking retards swinging imaginary nunchucks and after that I spent the rest of the night watching the pit instead of the band, because I was certain that someone was going to be admitted to hospital!!
I've always abided by the old school mentality. You go in low and backwards and you never leave anybody lying on the floor. If you think someone is hurt then you get them out of the way fast.
I've been in some of the most brutal pits imaginable and the worst I've walked away with is bruising. Having said that, I now have a malformed skull from a stage dive at an Obituary gig in 1992. Beast of a bouncer took my legs from under me and sent me into a head-spin. The crowd parted and I landed on the floor head-first.
My wife thinks I'm crazy but a pit is supposed to be fun, a way of getting rid of all the tension and stresses you accumulate and also a way of appreciating a band for a job well done. It's not a gym session for some UFC/MMA obsessed Neanderthals.
One last thing before I sign off. It's completely coincidental but I was on youtube last night and I came across a video by Vio-lence 'World in a World'. I showed it to my wife and said . . . now that's a pit, that's how you do it properly!!!
cheers and keep up the good work

Wow. Do you guys admire Kev's "tr00ness" to Metal as much as I do? For crying out loud he has a malformed skull from stage-diving at an Obituary show! He wasn't hardcore dancing, he wasn't throwing fists, he was doing something fucking metal and got fucked up because of it. Now, hardcore kids can argue about how tough they are for swinging fists and how metalheads are just pussies for not being able to take one, but the question is, how man hardcore dancers are so true to their music that they're willing to take a malformed skull and remain loyal to their music? Not many I'll tell you that much.

Tell Kev how awesome he is in the comments below.

The Baby Killer's Take: HxC d00d!!!

Please welcome new writer to the site, The Baby Killer. Also note that he doesn't actually kill babies (I hope), and if he does I might want to drop all contact with him. He's a cool dude and hater of hardcore dancing, much like you guys and myself, so give him a warm welcome.

Also, since a lot of new writers are gonna be joining, each of them is going to write a general post on their view of this trend. Take for example this, and Dingus' Take.

While I doubt that the gripes of one individual will have any effect whatsoever on the ever-expanding hive mentality that is the hardcore scene, I can no longer stand idly by and watch you idiots systematically ruin everything about metal that I have grown to love over the years. My problem isn't with hardcore/metalcore/deathcore/whatevercore music itself, nor is it with the fact that hardcore kids even exist in the first place. I personally have fallen off the hardcore bandwagon as of late, but there are still a few genuinely talented 'core bands out there. When you boil right down to it, it's all about personal preferences and tastes, and I have long since given up on crusading against any form of music that I don't like. If you like it you like it, and that's that. I can't stop you, nor do I want to. Every genre needs a fan base, and hardcore is no exception. The problem is, from a musical standpoint hardcore and metal are very closely related, especially in recent years, and more often than not hardcore kids and metalheads end up mingling at shows, and this is where the real problem starts.

 It's a well-documented fact that moshing is awesome, but a metalhead's definition of moshing is astonishingly different than a hardcore kid's. When we mosh, we push and shove and smash into each other and run around in circles like the buffoons that we are. But when the br00tal hardcore kids "mosh", they start swinging their fists and kicking their feet like they're being attacked by a swarm of bees, and they intentionally get dangerously close to other people to, as far as I can tell, prove some pretentious, bullshit "look how tough and dangerous I am" alpha male complex that they've concocted in their simple minds. The metal scene is an aggressive one, yes, but not to the point of completely disregarding the safety and well-being of our fellow headbangers. When one of us falls down or gets hurt in the pit, someone rushes to their aid within seconds (often more than one person too) and makes sure that person is alright before resuming, whereas getting hurt in a hardcore dancing pit is akin to a badge of honor, and anyone who opposes that notion is considered a weakling. 

When these two polar opposite ideals collide, it's a recipe for disaster. It's like clockwork: a hardcore band will take the stage at a show, and most if not all of the metalheads will move to the side, because they know the dancers will want to do their thing. Once a breakdown starts, the fists and feet go flying, and inevitably someone gets too close to someone else who wants nothing to do with it. That someone will firmly but (usually) politely push the dancer aside, sending a clear message of "Excuse me sir, I'm right here and I don't wish to be punched just now," but the dancer's myopic, tough guy brain processes that gesture as "I wish to enter into fisticuffs with this individual". The hardcore kid invariably gets in the other guy's face, spewing fuck you's and various threats, and the metalhead attempts in vain to reason that he was only moving him aside so he or his friends wouldn't get hurt. To make matters worse, since A) hardcore kids have a hive mentality and B) they're usually too small and scrawny to take on your average metalhead one on one, out of nowhere at least four or five more dancers join the fray. Riddle me this: if hardcore kids are actually as tough as they make themselves out to be, then why do they always feel the need to gang up on one single opponent when they fight? If you're so big and badass, I say prove it in a fair, man to man fight. And to make matters worse, not only are they pretentious, but they're also conceited. Hardcore kids act like no matter where they are, they own the place even if they're completely out of their element (i.e. the Dying Fetus/Arsis/Misery Index show I attended a few months ago). They harbor delusions of grandeur and entitlement that make them act like the cock of the walk wherever they go, and this has led to the plague that is FSU and PIN and various other off-shoot hardcore gangs. 

These Neanderthals have transcended being cocky assholes and evolved (no pun intended) into legitimate murderers. On June 23rd, 2006, in Corona, California, two FSU members beat one Sean Thomas Gardhouse to death because they believed that he was associating with members of a rival gang. As if this wasn't bad enough, it turns out they were mistaken; an innocent young man was brutally murdered because of these violent, simplistic morons. Someone somewhere lost a son, a brother, or a friend, for no reason whatsoever. I hope you're proud of yourselves, hardcore kids. You can go do whatever you want, I won't stop you, but personally you disgust me, so do us all a favor and go stay in your corner, leave us the fuck out of it.

Couldn't have said it better myself. This here kids, is wisdom. Follow it, stop you're dancing, start moshing, or get the fuck out. Look for plenty of more posts from The Baby Killer in the future.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quickie Semi-Recent Show Reviews: Despised Icon, Misery Index, and Revocation

Better late than never. I figure I'll go through all the shows I've recently been to and do quick reviews of them, because, well why the hell not? This show, however, has a particularly interesting anecdote attached that you guys might find interesting.

So, it's September 11 of this year, and Despised Icon are currently on their last tour ever with Misery Index, Revocation, The Judas Syndrome, and Everything's Ruined. The show was at Club Europa in Brooklyn. Being a huge fan Despised Icon's latest album, Day of Mourning, I knew I had to check them out at last once before they broke up. I also knew that while Despised Icon played insanely talented Deathcore, this show was bound to attract lots hardcore kids looking for an excuse to fight their insecurities at not being able to maintain a healthy relationship by wailing their limbs like a confused chimpanzee. Suffice to say, I did not have high hopes for good pits.

I ended up missing The Judas Syndrome and Everything's Ruined, which was no big deal since I wasn't going for either of those bands. I ended up catching Revocation in the middle of their set, and they fucking killed. These guys can shred like few other bands out their can. I remember picking up Empire of the Obscene and not really digging it, but seeing them live changed my thoughts on them completely. Check out the following song "Dismember the Dictator" to see what I mean (also, that bass tone is killer). Seriously check these guys out whenever you can.

Up next was Misery Index, a band I just could never get into. Their music has always been "so-so" to my ears, but I have to give props for whoever was doing their sound that night, cause their tone was fucking killer. Being that their sound was so fucking good, I really enjoyed their performance, at least for the first half of it.

Here's what happened. I had been standing on the edge of the pit, obviously not going in because of the copious hardcore kids. At one point one of them decides it would be a good idea to jump into the crowd around the pit and punch the people watching the show. Yes, this guy was punching the crow. Absolutely pathetic. Club Europa is a small venue too, so there really was nowhere to go. Eventually he gets around to my area of the pit and ends up jumping on my friends shoulder. While he's strattling my friend he ends up knocking me right in the face.

Fuck that.

So I pushed the guy and chased him to the other side of the venue. I was fucking furious and screaming shit at him, I can't remember what. I was literally blind with anger. So as I'm poised up against him, criticizing his polo shirt and flat brimmed hat, ready to start a fight I would surely lose, I suddenly realize I am being pushed. Next thing I know there is a wall of people between and literally ten hardcore kids trying to kick my ass. I kept screaming shit, but eventually decided to leave me alone. The people around me told me to "calm down", that "there's too many of them," and "it's not worth it."

As it turns out these hardcore dancers have "pit crews," a term they like to use for gangs. I chased down one person in their crew, and ended up having to face the rest of them. That is absolutely pathetic. If anyone has any more information on what exactly these crews or unions do, the names of a few of them, or any sort of information, please email, because I would love to learn more. This was the event that gave me the most inspiration to start this sight, and I will never forget it.

Anyways, the rest of Misery Index was spoiled for me, as I had a ridiculous headache that lasted throughout the night. Hell, I couldn't get into Despised Icon cause my head fucking hurt so much, but I could tell they were puttin on a good show by the reaction of the crowd.

Towards the end of the show the dancers started chanting "please don't go," and I couldn't disagree with them more. Yes, Despised Icon is a great band and I will miss them putting out new music, but I can't wait for them to leave the scene. Hopefully many other less-talented deathcore bands will follow suit and realize that the time for their scene is coming to an end.

Overall, music was great, crowd was awful. Anyone else go to this show, or any other stops on their tour? If so, what did you think?

Special Thanks to Metalsucks!

So the guys over at gave our little blog a shout out in one of their posts today. I just wanna say thanks for helpin to get the word out, you guys fucking rule. You can check out the post here:

Not to suck their dicks or anything, but I visit this site multiple times a day to get my metal news. Seeing as Axl and Vince also both hail from NY and have probably been to many of the same shows I've been to it's no surprise that they sympathize with the anger I, and all other writers here, feel towards hardcore dancers. 

Check out the site, it fucking rules, and once again thanks a lot guys.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dingus' Take: Hardcore Dancers and How They're Not Just Ruining Metal

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome guest blogger Dingus to the site. He's a good friend of mine and an avid hater of this terrible trend. We went to Summer Slaughter this summer together and were forced to watch the hardcore kids take over the pit, so it's no surprise to me that he despises these people as much as I do. Read on to see exactly how he feels on the matter:

It is truly a shame that metal culture has been desecrated by the multitudes of basketball shorts donning, shrimp dicked, dildo faces known as hardcore kids. These unruly bastards claim to be the definition of what a true metalhead should aspire to be, despite just being another lowly scene which will hopefully die out soon with the aid of true metal fans everywhere.  In my humble opinion, there is simply nothing worse than being pumped up for a show, going inside, and seeing waves of flat brimmed hats in the crowd, because in honestly, their presence alone makes my blood boil with rage. 
Now, I would never call myself an avid metalhead under any circumstances.  Sure, I listen to a lot of metal and I love going to shows, but I still would not consider myself to be a full fledged member of the metal community. That's not to say I don't love getting my mosh on at shows, as moshing is simply one of the most fun and intense rushes you can get out there.   Unfortunately, more often than not, I go to these shows, and instead of taking part in an awesome mosh pit, I am forced to watch a handful of hardcore fuckwardens wail their slimy arms around in the air, hurting everyone around them, including their own pitiful kind.  It is because of these hardcore dancers that me, and everyone else like me who doesn't enjoy a mouthful of fist, has to wait along the edge of the pit and push these bastards back into the middle of their personal boxing ring, while anxiously awaiting the chance to start even a brief mosh pit.  Every once in a while, I'll take a hit from one of these guys, which of course pisses me off, but as soon as I try and verbally/physically abuse the little shit, I am greeted by a chorus of, "Calm down bro it's just dancing!"  Really, fuck off kid.  Not only that, but the few noble metalheads that actually try and prevent hardcore dancers from taking over are victimized by an entire slew of the bastards, even if they give just one of them a little bit of payback.  Well I have a question for these hardcore kids.  If it's, "just dancing", like they claim, then why do so many of them go to shows simply to beat on other people, sometimes even women.  It's fucking absurd. 

What's even more troubling is that hardcore chickenshits are not only dragging down the quality of metal shows.  They have begun penetrating other music cultures as well, mainly ska.  The last time I went to a ska show, there were some kids who would deviate from the usual skanking and two-stepping and begin flailing their fists around.  Of course, these kids were the ones with the flat brimmed hats atop their heads.  In late May, I saw Defiance Ohio and Mischief Brew at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia.  During both of these performances, there was some intense and sweaty dancing going on, but every once in a while there would be one douche who would try and get everyone to hardcore dance, at a fucking folk-punk show!  This just disgusts me; they have already been on a constant a crusade to ruin a musical genre that I love, and now they are determined to do the same to other genres.  The fucking heathens.

So, just to wrap this rant up, hardcore dancers are a plague of scene kids who are trying to spread their disgusting scum all over music culture, not just metal. The time to start a revolution against them is now, before they can gain any more strength and inevitably overpower the metalhead community.  That is why I urge everyone to stop hardcore dancers before they can start their arm swings and jump kicks.  The moral of the story is that all metal shows need to have awesome, exhilarating mosh pits full of energy and enthusiasm, not just five assholes beating the shit out of one another on a barren floor where there should be a booming pit. This my friends, can only be accomplished by YOU!  Enough is enough, and it is time for action.  So next time you are at a show, and you want to mosh, get a crew of metalheads together, push aside those hardcore dancers, and mosh the motherfucking night away.  Sure, you'll probably take a hit from one of the bastards, but that's just a risk you have to be willing to take.  I know I certainly am, now who is with me?

I know I'm with you Dingus. Take this man's advice and don't hesitate to push aside these kids as shows! Look for more posts written by Dingus in the future.

Sick Breakdowns To Mosh To Pt.1

Everyone knows hardcore dancers go apeshit for breakdowns. It is their bread and butter. The moment in the song when the tempo slows down and the "chugga-chugga" guitar riffs release their endorphins and give them an excuse to flail their limbs like an epileptic on speed. Breakdowns are easy to play, which is why so many new "popular" metal bands use them so much. They're simplistic, and the kids love them.

Which is why I hate them. For the most part. Granted I can't stand most of these new deathcore bands because so much of their songs revolve around breakdowns, but a well placed breakdown is arguably the best way to get a listener's adrenaline pumping. What I'm trying to say is, breakdowns should be implemented scarcely and specifically, and songs should never, never revolve around breakdowns.

The purpose of this column is to educate you all on the difference between good breakdowns and bad breakdowns, which can help you decipher good bands from bad bands. So, I'll begin your education with arguably my favorite modern metal band, Lamb of God.

Many of you out there might be saying "but Lamb of God is formulaic," and to an extent you are correct. While their originality has taken a downward spiral in recent memory, these guys still have more skill than most other popular groups out there and always put on an energetic show. I can tell you firsthand that their pits are hands-down the most intense you are likely to find in this day and age, and that if they're ever playing near you then you better get tickets and first aid kit ready if you plan on going in the pit.

Also, lamb of god have arguably the best breakdowns around. No other band gets me more amped up than them, especially during their breakdowns. They build up the song's tension til its tight as an eighteen-year-old virgin, and release it like fucking cannon, sadly killing said virgin. It might be better for you to hear it than have me explain it, so listen to the following a track to see what I mean. To really experience the intensity of the breakdown you should listen to the full song, but if you're lazy you can fast forward to the 2:28 mark.

Hear that? That's fucking killer. If that doesn't get you pumped up then you need your head checked.

And to further emphasize the intensity of Lamb of God's show, check out the following clip of the band playing "Black Label" live. I've been in the wall of death when the band played this song, and I'm lucky I got out alive. As you can tell by checking out the 1:21 mark, shit gets pretty intense, and alternatively there's another great example of an awesome breakdown at the 2:42 mark.

These are the pits we need people! We need more Lamb of God pits! Also notice the lack of hardcore dancers in the video. Maybe it's because the number of true metalheads overpowered them, or maybe it's because Lamb of God's breakdowns aren't the type to throw down to. I'm too tired to analyze it now, but either way I propose a toast to this band and their breakdowns, and may good metal pits prosper!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mosh Rebellion needs YOUR help!

So, as you can tell, this blog is fairly new, and I am looking for any and all help you guys can give.
I am looking for:

- Designers, to give the blog a more professional, customized look
- WRITERS: I need writers! Anyone who is willing to do show reviews, album reviews, or general blog posts, please hit me up.
- Publicists: This one is easy. Share links to this blog wherever you can. Put it in your signature on message boards. Put it on your facebook, your myspace (if you still have one), wherever!
- Interviews: Anyone interested in doing an interview for the site, please email me. Also, if you want to do interviews with others for the site, hit me up as well.

Seriously, any and all help to get this blog up and running is appreciated. The email is

Until next time, keep it real.

First post. What is this blog about?

Welcome, true metalheads the world over, to Mosh Rebellion! I have created this blog out of outrage and pure anger. I am fed up. And what am I fed up with?

Hardcore dancers.

Slamdancers. Karate Moshers. Whatever you wish to call them, they have permeated themselves into metal culture. It's impossible to go to a decent metal show any more and participate in a good ol' fashioned mosh pit with these kids swinging their arms around, doing jump kicks and endless other types of annoying moves. I understand it's part of the hardcore culture, but when you bring that sort of stuff to a metal show you have crossed the lines. No one in the audience wants to be near these kids because they're scared of getting hurt, and they eventually reduce what could have been a thriving pit into a barren floor for them to use as their own playground and personal dojo. 

I have had many bad run-ins with these types of people in the past and have nearly gotten into fights with many of them. After a hardcore dancer hit me right in the face at the Suffocation show last weekend at the Gramercy theater I decided I couldn't take it any more. It pains me to see a bunch of metalheads staring at the pit, waiting to get their mosh on all night but being forced to watch a bunch of basketball short and flat brimmed hat wearing kids wail at their air.

There is literally nothing more I despise in the world than hardcore dancers, because they ruin metal shows for true fans looking to have a good time. Which is why I say enough is enough. Metalheads, this blog is your opportunity to share with the world your hatred for these people. I insist congregate here, speak in the comments below, and share the world your stories and opinions. The main goal of this blog is to eradicate hardcore dancing from the world, and if we can unite and speak out then it is a possibility. 

I can't take this shit much longer, and I know you can't either. Unite, so that we may rid the world of the hardcore dancing scum! And questions and comments can be emailed to

Let the mosh rebellion begin!