Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kev: The Most Metal Guy I've Heard of in Awhile

When I checked my email this morning, I was granted with this email from a man from Liverpool named Kev. I thought you guys might find it interesting. Here it is:

Hey Mosh Rebellion
I just came across your blog via metalsucks and I have to say I love what you're doing.
I'm from Liverpool, I'm 36, and I've been fortunate to see a lot of cool bands, a lot from your side of the pond. Been moshing since I was 15 and it's still a rush. 
I remember the exact moment when I first witnessed so called 'hardcore dancing'. It was during an avenged sevenfold gig a few years ago (when they were good) and my girlfriend (now my wife) shouted to me if I was going to go into the pit. I shouted back I was, that was until I suddenly saw 3 fucking retards swinging imaginary nunchucks and after that I spent the rest of the night watching the pit instead of the band, because I was certain that someone was going to be admitted to hospital!!
I've always abided by the old school mentality. You go in low and backwards and you never leave anybody lying on the floor. If you think someone is hurt then you get them out of the way fast.
I've been in some of the most brutal pits imaginable and the worst I've walked away with is bruising. Having said that, I now have a malformed skull from a stage dive at an Obituary gig in 1992. Beast of a bouncer took my legs from under me and sent me into a head-spin. The crowd parted and I landed on the floor head-first.
My wife thinks I'm crazy but a pit is supposed to be fun, a way of getting rid of all the tension and stresses you accumulate and also a way of appreciating a band for a job well done. It's not a gym session for some UFC/MMA obsessed Neanderthals.
One last thing before I sign off. It's completely coincidental but I was on youtube last night and I came across a video by Vio-lence 'World in a World'. I showed it to my wife and said . . . now that's a pit, that's how you do it properly!!!
cheers and keep up the good work

Wow. Do you guys admire Kev's "tr00ness" to Metal as much as I do? For crying out loud he has a malformed skull from stage-diving at an Obituary show! He wasn't hardcore dancing, he wasn't throwing fists, he was doing something fucking metal and got fucked up because of it. Now, hardcore kids can argue about how tough they are for swinging fists and how metalheads are just pussies for not being able to take one, but the question is, how man hardcore dancers are so true to their music that they're willing to take a malformed skull and remain loyal to their music? Not many I'll tell you that much.

Tell Kev how awesome he is in the comments below.

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  1. fuckin killer. glad to hear another diehard's experiences.