Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Special Thanks to Metalsucks!

So the guys over at gave our little blog a shout out in one of their posts today. I just wanna say thanks for helpin to get the word out, you guys fucking rule. You can check out the post here:

Not to suck their dicks or anything, but I visit this site multiple times a day to get my metal news. Seeing as Axl and Vince also both hail from NY and have probably been to many of the same shows I've been to it's no surprise that they sympathize with the anger I, and all other writers here, feel towards hardcore dancers. 

Check out the site, it fucking rules, and once again thanks a lot guys.


  1. that's where i heard about this blog. the finest in metal news if you ask me

  2. so yeah opinions on hardcore dancers, they're obviously a bunch of cowards which is why they dance alone instead of the contact variety, and besides, why wait on the side of the pit for your turn, get your friends and mosh right through (its what I've done to great success). knock they're neon colored asses right out of the way, I'm sure when everyone else gets the message they'll join in and the ballerinas will go back to their dance studio and stay the hell out of the pit