Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fucked Up Album Cover of the Day

Since yesterday's NSFW album art was a resounding success, I've changed my mind and decided to make this a semi-regular thing, just like my other two columns, so let's get it on. Our next Fucked Up Album Cover of the Day is, in my opinion, a step up from the last one. Like last time, it involves something very unnatural happening to a scantily-clad (aka "completely naked") woman's lady-parts, but the difference this time around is in the subtle facial expressions; the body language, if you will. Whereas the previous girl seemed to be enjoying herself, I think it's safe to say the girl in today's album art isn't taking quite as much pleasure in the somewhat awkward situation she's found herself in. The album in question is Vaginal Saw Entorturement (I know it's not a real word, they're from Spain) by Extirpating the Infected. Presented for your consideration: a quaint illustration of a girl getting sawed in the pussy.

Now remember, when you're describing this picture to your friends later, make sure they don't get it confused with Chainsaw Cunt by Diminished, shown here.

Coincidentally, both of these bands are signed to Sevared Records, who are pretty much the authority on bands that are all about gore and misogyny. And interestingly, Diminished also put out two albums in a row last year, and the album art for their newest CD is plenty fucked up too, if not necessarily as gory. However, I'll put that one up another time, because two pictures of terrible things happening to women is enough for one day. I would like to wrap this up by saying that none of us at Mosh Rebellion condone any of this sort of horrific treatment of any persons, regardless of gender (unless it's happening to Person B, of course). I love women, and I'm sure mosh rebellion, King of Those Who Know, Dingus and Choops do too, and I firmly believe that the only things that should be put in a girl's vagina are things that are meant to feel good. This is all for pure entertainment, and if there are any women out there reading this (debatable) I promise I'll find album art with dudes getting mutilated too. Equal rights FTW. Good night everyone.

-The Baby Killer


  1. Both albums from Diminished are pretty solid. But i like Rectal Torment more. The album art is so original. And the expression on her face. Priceless!

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