Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog Updates!

As you may or may not have noticed, there are some small updates added to Mosh Rebellion. I'll just go over them in quick detail.

- To your right you will see an option to share the site on facebook or twitter. DO IT! Spread the hate with one simple click and help get the site's name out!

- At the bottom of the blog you can see our current blogspot followers. We are currently at 13. The Baby Killer and I have a special surprise for you guys if we can make that number 50, so once again, link this site to your facebook! Tweet about us on twitter! And it's all so simple now with the update.

- Also at the bottom of our blog you can view recent comments... granted most of them are by the same three or four people, but it's pretty interesting, no?

So there it is. You readers have a mission. 50 blogspot followers... make it happen! If you love the site and read it all the time then make an account on blogspot and follow us, because why the hell not? It'll also bring you guys closer to our special surprise. You know you want it...


  1. We promise it has nothing to do with male genitalia

  2. That means female genitalia is still an option?!?!? YES!

  3. Hey guys, might I suggest joining this Facebook page:

    Basically the admins just post links to songs they like and anyone that "likes" the page can do the same. I know one of the admins, so I post songs on there often. It has 1,048 people that like it, so it might be a good place to post a link to Mosh Rebellion to advertise. Furthermore, I believe it was started by an Aussie, so it has some global following.