Monday, January 3, 2011

Slam Spotlight Part 8

Guy on far right- "This is my emo kid impression"

Fuck me, how long has it been since I did one of these? My bad, guys. Anyway, mosh rebellion (the dude, not the words) and I have reason to rejoice now, because for once New Jersey got something right. Ladies and gentledudes, all the way from Woodbridge, I humbly present to you Digested Flesh.

Formed just before the turn of the century, these guys write the book on sludgy, organic, catchy-as-fuck brutal death metal. While they may not really do anything game-changing, Digested Flesh does have one thing in particular going for them: their sound. Nothing they record even comes close to sounding over-produced, and it all sounds like it was recorded live, which given the average budget of a slam band isn't a stretch of the imagination. Seriously, if their material sounded any more organic a dead hippie from the Seventies would come back to life just to get a boner. Aaaaand on that note, from their 2004 full length The Answer To Infection, this is "Addicted To Entrails".

As I said, this song was from their 2004 album, and since then they've done a split with Inhuman Dissiliency (who are also disgustingly awesome) called Accumulation of Eviscerated Remnants, as well as an EP last year (or a few months ago, depending on how you slice it) called Macerate the Soul, both of which are available now via Macabre Mementos Records. As usual leave your thoughts and credit card information in the comments below, and keep tuning in for more metal stuff.

-Tango Bravo Kilo

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