Friday, January 7, 2011

Mosh Rebellion's 2010 Recap

My Best Albums of 2010 list is still in progress, but I feel it would be nice to look back on some of the more memorable moments of 2010. It was a great year for metal and at the same time an awful year for metal in certain regards, and the following a list of the events I feel sum up the year the best.

Best Event of the Year

What could be better than the founding of Mosh Rebellion? This is my most significant event of the past year, right along with meeting the Baby Killer. It's about damn time someone made a place for people to congregate and plot the demise of hardcore dancing, and I am proud to call my website home to the rebellion. The satisfaction you readers give us is untold, and we always love to read your emails and comments, so keep it up you guys! Spread the word, and the true rebellion can begin!

Worst Event of the Year

The death of Ronnie James Dio on May 16 was a deep blow to the metal community. The man was 67, and passed away way before his time on earth was up. I think its safe to say that Dio's death rocked the metal community about as much as Dimebag's, and since I was only in 7th grade when Dimebag died, I feel much more saddened by Dio's death than I ever did about Dimebag, may they both rest in peace. Dio's contribution to metal is untold in scope, and from what I have heard and seen he seemed like a fun loving and extremely nice individual. You know those horns you throw up when your favorite band plays your favorite song? Yeah, Dio was responsible for implementing that in his music, and metal fans picked up on it. Henceforth, Dio gave us a voice, and a way to express ourselves more than any other musician has.

Subsequently, his music was not bad either. Holy Diver, The Last in Line, his work with Heaven and Hell, the list goes on. His personality shined through his soaring and recognizable voice throughout all his works, and while his lyrics may have been cheesy, they were catchy as a motherfucker. I still remember in tenth grade when I found the words "Holy Diver" scrawled across my desk in spanish class. In response, I wrote the first line of the song, "you've been down too long in the midnight sea," and a day later I was greeted with "oh what's becoming of me," written under my addition. I was communicating with some random metalhead in my school who I had never met, and we were bonded through Dio's words.

May he rest in peace, and may we never forget what he has done for us.

Most Despicable Event of the Year

Look at the top left corner of this photo. I want all you readers out there to do that!
The Rose Funeral Uno Incident. For those who do not know what happened you can read about it here, here, and here. Basically, some kids starting playing Uno doing during Rose Funeral's set and they got jumped during and after the show. The fact that you can't handle criticism and decide to wail on someone in the audience when they don't like your music is revolting enough, but one of the kids was 17... a minor. Rose Funeral beat up a minor because he didn't like their music. Fucking despicable. Granted, what the kids were doing was a bit douchey, but the vocalist could have easily brought it up and made a joke about it and continued with their set, but instead they decided to start shit with a guy who isn't legally old enough to consent to sex in some states. And it doesn't help that their music sucks massive fucking nuts to begin with. I encourage anyone who sees Rose Funeral from this point on to play Uno during their set. They can never forget about this.


Most Significant Event Towards the Removal of Hardcore Dancing

We're just some guys foolin' around! Who knows what craaaaazy thing we'll do next?
The Despised Icon farewell tour. I love Despised Icon, as they made arguably some of the most talented deathcore music around, but it's fantastic to see them leave the scene, especially after the high note that was Day of Mourning. They had a very wide fan base, so it was a bit of a shock when they announced they would be breaking up after one final tour. Many deathcore enthusiasts were very sad about this, and even though I love their music, I could not be more elated. The removal of arguably the biggest deathcore band in the scene reduces the popularity and exposure of such music to the masses, henceforth reducing the number of potential fans the genre can make. The more intelligent diehard deathcore fans (if there is such a thing) may have realized that their genre might be entering its downfall and that they should get involved with music that bass players can cover with more than one hand.

To sum up: less deathcore bands = less deathcore music and shows = less hardcore dancing. Let's hope more people follow Despised Icon's trend.

Most Anticipated Album of 2011 

New Protest the Hero. Good god I hope they can follow up Fortress.

Least Anticipated Album of 2011 

New Rose Funeral.

Most Anticipated Album of 2011 pt. II

 New Rose Funeral. We will have so much to make fun of when that shit comes out!

Look for possibly more superlatives of the previous year in the near future, and my best of 2010 list hopefully sometime before February.

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  1. Rose Funeral may be boring on CD, but they put on a really good live show, and they're all legit metalheads who listen to more Decrepit Birth and Immolation than anything else, they just happen to also play deathcore. Also, they didn't beat them up because they were playing Uno, they beat the kids up because they e-mailed the guitarist death threats after the fact, and couldn't step up when he confronted them about it at another show RF was playing. Not saying it's not fucked up, I'm just saying as people they're normally pretty chill, and they don't make a habit of beating up minors