Monday, January 3, 2011

New Dimmu Borgir video, huzzah

Happy New Year, everyone! Let's kick off 2011 with the new video for the posterboys of symphonic black metal, Dimmu Borgir. These guys just released a music video for their (for some reason) self-titled song from their newest full length Abrahadabra. Lately Dimmu have been getting a lot of mixed reviews, and while I still shed a tear once in a while over the fact that ICS Vortex no longer graces their sound with his resounding and powerful voice, I still liked the new CD a lot. As I've said before, I'm a sucker for a really good melody once in a while, and DB's use of grandiose orchestration is just what the doctored ordered. The video itself is pretty straightforward Dimmu Borgir: play the song somewhere dark, show flashes of hot chicks singing along to the choirs, and uhh... fire? What can I say, just watch the video.

Not bad. I've seen/heard better, but not too shabby either. I still firmly maintain my position that they should never have fired Vortex or Mustis, but considering the fact that they kicked out the opera singer and the keyboardist the band still did a hell of a job making the album sound pretty epic. I guess if you have to get rid of the guy who composes all the orchestration on his keyboard, the next best step would be to work with an actual full orchestra. Give your thoughts on the new video/album (or Dimmu in general) in the comments, and come back for more later.


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