Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wormrot update!

Remember last week when we announced that Wormrot are recording a new album? Well, earlier today Metalsucks provided us with not just one, not two, but THREE awesome new developments on that story. First of all, they've released a new track from the upcoming album Dirge, entitled "Manipulation", and it's just as good as anything from their last album. Check it out over yonder.

Sweeeet. Anywho, the second update is that the album now has an official release date. Dirge is set to drop on May 3rd via Earache Records, and you can bet your ass I'll be on that shit when the time comes. And finally, according to the band's Myspace, they also have a string of US shows set up for March, including a performance at the Scion Rock Fest in Pomona, California (one more confirmation that Scion are totally into metal and thus are awesome), along with sick bands like Morbid Angel, Obituary, Fuck the Facts, Atheist, Bonded By Blood and more. If you live anywhere near the Pomona area, you better get your ass to that show, you lucky fucks. The rest of the dates on the mini-tour can be seen on Wormrot's profile. Ordinarily I would be distressed that there aren't any dates near me, but in their article Metalsucks also said that the band is planning a full US tour the following month, so hopefully they'll come closer to my neck of the woods then. I can be patient, and hopefully you can too, but rest assured we'll put the tour dates up as soon as they're announced.

That's all for this one folks, but stay tuned for more later on. Absolutely nothing happened yesterday, but a bunch of cool stuff came up today to make up for it. See you sooner than you think.

-The Baby Killer


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  2. Saw Wormrot a few months ago when they played at a tiny coffee house in my town. A lot of energy and just a fuckin awesome small metal show.

  3. Nice, I really hope they come to my area when the tour happens