Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fucked Up Album Cover of the Day

Well folks, I guess it's that time once again. I'm not going to bother putting up an article about the Mayhem Festival because the lineup's pretty weak again, I won't be ready to do the Ulcerate album review for at least another day or two (oh yeah, Ulcerate's new album The Destroyers of All comes out today, go get it), and I can't think of anything else to write about, so I guess it's time to make my mom mad again with another Fucked Up Album Cover of the Day. Today's album art comes to us from the Colombian brutal death trio Amputated Genitals, from their 2009 full length Family Bloodbath. Contrary to the band name, there is a fair amount of amputation involved, but don't worry, genitals are conspicuously absent this time around, so it's only regular-level fucked up.

Hi Mom
Right-o, that was fun. But don't let me have all the fun, if you guys know of any fucked up album covers by all means let us know, shoot us a comment or email us at moshrebellion@yahoo.com and we'll gladly feature it in a Reader's Choice article. Keep it brutal amigos.


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