Thursday, January 20, 2011

Avoid this tour! Maybe!

The Atticus Metal Tour III was just announced, and boy is it a head scratcher. I'm not entirely sure if I want to travel to PA to see this tour or not. On one hand, I've seen Born of Osiris two or three times before and I can definitely attest to their on-stage prowess. They put on a great show. I've never seen Darkest Hour before, but some of their songs I dig, even if I find them a bit 'meh' overall. I've heard good things about the Human Abstract but I've never really checked them out.

Now if the lineup just included these three bands I would definitely make the trek to see the show, if not for the sole purpose that I love me some BOO. However, As Blood Runs Black is also on the bill. I'm not saying ABRB is a shitty band or anything, but they were extremely popular in the deathcore scene a couple years ago before they up and disappeared, which means every hardcore kid who thinks they know fuck all about the music will be at the show, talking about how such a "classic" band is making a comeback, etc. Basically, since they haven't toured for awhile, hardcore kids will come out in droves. DROVES.

Since I've already seen BOO twice I think I may ignore this show, but it might be worth it for you guys to check it out. Just make sure you have your pimp hand ready cause there's gonna be a shit ton of hardcore dancing. Jackasses.

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  1. ABRB was on the first Summer Slaughter back in '07, and I thought they were sloppy and boring. Of course that was over three years ago, so things may have changed, but I wouldn't hold my breath. And yes, they may be pretty meh-worthy but Darkest Hour and BOO play very well live. My old band actually opened for Osiris last year, 'twas fun I can't deny