Friday, January 28, 2011

End of the Week

Man, time flies doesn't it? Sadly it's already time to close up shop for the weekend, but we're still very proud of what we got accomplished this week.

-To kick things off, we interviewed Paulo Rossi of Fleshgod Apocalypse. Hell of a way to start the week.
-The Baby Killer called out the kvlt black metal elitists, aka Norwegian hardcore kids.
-We announced Derek Boyer's triumphant return to Decrepit Birth.
-We freaked you out with another Fucked Up Album Cover of the Day
-We happily took back our reports on the breakup of both Judas Priest and Gutted Out
-We weighed in on this year's Mayhem Festival
-And finally, The Baby Killer reviewed the new Ulcerate album

Not bad, not bad at all. There's more awesomeness to come, so be sure to come back on Monday, and have yourself a great weekend everybody. Peace out, mo'fugga.

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