Friday, January 28, 2011

My Thoughts on Mayhem 2011 Lineup, Because Why Not?

The following is the list of bands playing this year's 2011 Mayhem Festival, and my short two cents on them. They're in the order of when they are playing with the headlining band first.

Disturbed - What the?!
Godsmack - Fuck?!
Megadeth - My least favorite of the big four, but at least they're decent.
Machine Head - Never seen them live, could be nice. The song "Imperium" is badass.
In Flames - Wooo! Represent one for this writer in  middle school! But seriously, they put on a good show...
Suicide Silence - Decent band. They need to have their obligatory deathcore, and there are worst bands that could fill the spot.
Unearth - Generic, if not good metalcore. I expect the pits to be sweet for these guys.
Straight Line Stitch - Who the? What the? When the? This band still exists and people listen to them?!
All Shall Perish - Aw fuck yeah, the best deathcore band evar. They don't deserve to be this far down but goddamn I know they'll put on an amazing show as always.
Kingdom of Sorrow - Never heard them, so I have no expectations.

Ok seriously, whoever is choosing the lineup for Mayhem Festival, get your head out of your ass. Do what you did in 2009... book good bands! It's not that hard! That was the year of Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, and Slayer, just to name a few. These are the bands true metalheads want! Granted, Marilyn Manson headlined, but that gave your mallcore (?) metalheads a reason to come while appeasing the appetites of the true metalheads. I'm not saying there aren't any good bands playing this year, I mean there's In Flames, Megadeth, All Shall Perish, and Machine Head, but they're only a fraction of the roster. Also, who the fuck listens to Straight Line Stitch? Who the fuck says, "wow," I'd really love to see Straight Line Stitch play live!"? Honestly?! You also booked Disturbed three years ago, why do we need to see them again?

And to finish it up, Disturbed, and especially Godsmack, should never, ever, ever, play over one of the Big Four. Seriously... the fuck?!

I'm done with you.


  1. 09' fucked my face off it was so good!

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  3. I agree with most of your post, but they have to sell tickets in a really bad economy. Disturbed is an unfortunate necessary evil in accomplishing that goal. Looking on the bright side, just think for most likely under $30 you'll get to see In Flames, Megadeth, All Shall Perish, and Machine Head (+ Unearth). According to Rolling Stone 2010's Mayhem had better ticket sales then 2009's. So unfortunatly a line-up like 2009 may never happen again. :-\

    Great blog BTW!