Thursday, January 27, 2011

Judas Priest are NOT breaking up

Well now, don't I feel silly. Remember back in December when we announced Judas Priest's retirement? I remember being a little bit skeptical about it at the time, but for the most part I believed it, and whaddya know, they lied to us. Those dirty rotten Brits. In his statement, guitarist Glenn Tipton explained that although the upcoming world tour (the dates for which STILL haven't been announced, WTF) is set to be their last, they are in fact currently working on new material, so this is by no means the end of the band. Like many people, I have some mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it's awesome that Priest is still going to be around in some fashion for a while, but at the same time it just doesn't seem right for a band as big as them to continue to release new material and not tour to support it. C'mon guys, you're not turning into one of those stupid bedroom black metal bands, are you? And also, as I said in the last article we did on them, since I'm from a much later generation I don't really listen to Judas Priest that much, so when you get right down to it none of this really affects me at all, it's just fun to talk about. Although I will say, if the conditions are right, i.e. cool supporting bands, a Philly/Camden date and that date being convenient enough, I will definitely go and see this "farewell" tour, because even a youngblood such as myself can understand and appreciate Judas Priest's influence and relevance in metal. On a side note, I am still interested to see what the band's new material is like. Weigh in with your thoughts below, and for those of you stuck on the East Coast like me, bundle up. If you're on the West Coast, good for you. Have fun with those earthquakes.


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