Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We need more guys like this on TV

Auditioning for American Idol. Simon loved him

For those of you who don't regularly watch MTV (which should hopefully be all of you), a friend of mine somehow managed to get himself featured on a recent episode of True Life. His name is Andrew, a.k.a. Dr. Satan, he's a devout metalhead, and he used to be the vocalist for Kyndread, one of the best unsigned death metal bands in Delaware, until they disbanded. The episode he was featured in shows him struggling with his foot fetish, and how it poses an issue when trying to find a relationship. Now we metalheads do have the uber-macho tough guy image, but we have hearts too, and they can be broken just as easily as anyone else's. View the whole episode here on, and tell me you don't feel for him. I should tell you now, the episode also features some girl who doesn't like being a dominatrix or something, but she's not important, just fast forward through her parts unless you're looking to get your fap on.

Ahh heartbreak, I'm sure we've all had enough of that bullshit to last a lifetime.That's why Satan has blessed us with the Internet and opposable thumbs. But in all seriousness, we need more dudes like Andrew on MTV, dudes who are down to earth and are capable of independent thought (and preferably who are also metalheads), instead of fucking brain dead mannequins like Snookie and Pauly D. Maybe then we can restore some tiny shred of sanity to these preppy robots. Plus it's just cool to see a dude wearing Decrepit Birth and Necrophagist shirts on TV. Look for an interview with Dr. Satan himself in the near future, where we'll get his perspective on the matter, as well as plenty of other metal-related shit. But until then, here's a live video of Kydread playing their old crowd favorite "Servant of Corruption" in Newark, Delaware, circa 2008.
Happy Wednesday everyone, be safe.


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