Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Are Your Favorite Metal Workout Songs?

Once upon a time a baby was brought into this world, and he was fat. The baby steadily grew older, but he still remained fat. The boy's fatness was never too big of a deal to him until he entered high school, when he realized that being fat got in the way of him getting chicks, yet he was too lazy to do anything about it and decided to play the Legend of Zelda over and over again instead of making an honest effort to get in shape. Then, the boy went to college, and his fatness truly began to interfere with his relationships with women, and the boy decided "fuck this I'm tired of being fat," and decided to get in shape.

The boy in question is me. I have decided once and for all to rid myself of my exploding gut in recent weeks and have made an honest effort to get in shape. There is an exercise bike which I ride in my house almost every day now, and recently I have taking a liking to listening to music when I ride. Whilst looking through my New Stuff playlist I came upon Impending Doom's most recent album, There Will Be Violence. Upon listening to that album now I realize the musicianship is nothing to fawn over, and its nothing but slightly less generic deathcore, but goddamn if I didn't have the most intense workout that day listening to that album.

So, I decided to make a playlist of songs to workout to, took it for a few test runs and finalized it. The list in question contains many deathcore songs, not because I necessarily love the bands, but because the whole tough guy vocals on top of breakdowns are great for getting the blood pumping as much as I hate to admit it. The list is as follows:

Abominable Putridity - Sphacelated Nerves
The Acacia Strain - Beast
The Acacia Strain - The Impaler
After the Burial - My Frailty
After the Burial - Bread Crumbs and White Stones
All Shall Perish - When Life Meant More...
All Shall Perish - Black Gold Reign
All Shall Perish - Never... Again
All Shall Perish - Gagged, Bound, Shelved, and Forgotten
All Shall Perish - Herding the Brainwashed
All Shall Perish - Wage Slaves
All Shall Perish - There is no Business to be Done on a Dead Planet
All Shall Perish - The True Beast
At the Gates - Suicide Nation
August Burns Red - Your Little Suburbia is in Ruins
Behemoth - Slaves Shall Serve
Behemoth - Conquer All
Between the Buried and Me - (B) The Decade of Statues
The Black Dahlia Murder - Christ Deformed
The Black Dahlia Murder - I Will Return
The Black Dahlia Murder - What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
The Black Dahlia Murder - Deathmask Divine
The Black Dahlia Murder - Climactic Degradation
The Black Dahlia Murder - Unhallowed
Born of Osiris - Elimination
Born of Osiris - Exist
Born of Osiris - Empires Erased
Born of Osiris - Open Arms to Damnation
Born of Osiris - Abstract Art
Born of Osiris - Brace Legs
Born of Osiris - Bow Down
Chimaira - Secrets of the Dead
The Contortionist - Vessel
Converge - Dark Horse
Converge - Cutter
Despised Icon - MVP
Despised Icon - All for Nothing
Despised Icon - Entre Le Bien Et Le Mal
Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors - Warface
Equilibrium - Blut Im Auge
Fleshgod Apocalypse - In Honour of Reason 
Hatebreed - Doomsayer
Impending Doom - Orphans
Impending Doom - Peace Illusion
Impending Doom - The Great Fear
Impending Doom - Walking Through Fire
Impending Doom - Children of Wrath
Job For A Cowboy - Entombment of a Machine
Job For A Cowboy - Knee Deep
Job For A Cowboy - Embedded
Job For A Cowboy - Unfurling a Darkened Gospel
Krisiun - Combustion Inferno
Krisiun - Bleeding Offers
Lamb of God - Ruin
Lamb of God - Laid to Rest
Lamb of God - Now You've Got Something to Die For
Lamb of God - The Faded Line
Lamb of God - One Gun
Lamb of God - Black Label
Lamb of God - Walk With Me in Hell
Lamb of God - Redneck
Lamb of God - Beating on Death's Door
Lamb of God - Blacken the Cursed Sun
Lamb of God - In Your Words
Lamb of God - Set to Fail
Lamb of God - Reclamation 
Meshuggah - Rational Gaze
Meshuggah - Bleed
Metallica -  Whiplash
Metallica -  Hit the Lights
Metallica -  Disposable Heroes
Metallica -  Ride the Lightning
Pantera - Domination
Pantera - Revolution is My Name
Pantera - Fucking Hostile
Pantera - Rise
Periphery - The Walk
Periphery - Totala Mad
Periphery - Zyglrox
Rage Against the Machine - Bulls on Parade
Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name
Returning We Hear the Larks - II: The First to Fall
Rings of Saturn - Abducted
Rings of Saturn - Embryonic Anomaly
Slayer - Skeleton Christ
Suffocation - Abominations Reborn
Suicide Silence - Wasted
Veil of Maya - Dark Passenger
Veil of Maya - Namaste
Whitechapel - Vicer Exciser
Whitechapel - Possession
Wolfmother - Joker and the Thief

There you have it. Put that bad boy on shuffle and you're sure to get a nice sweat going. I'm curious however, what music do you guys listen to when you workout? I'm always looking for new additions to the playlist and I'm generally interested in your guys' opinions, so comment below and I'll try to fit some of your songs into my playlist. I hope this comes in handy for any other fat metalheads aspiring to be slightly less fat metalheads.


  1. One of the main reasons I got into metal is for this very purpose. When I was in high school playing football, we would crank Pantera, Slayer, etc in the weight room and before games to get pumped. This was 10 years ago, so nu-metal was having its heyday, so some of the stuff that I still like to listen to for working out is very representative of that era. I mean, think about it, nu metal was a response to the lack of aggression in the alternative rock that was so popular in the mid/late 90s. It was an accessible form of metal for those craving more aggression. My friend and I had a "bench press song". Static X's Push It. Korn's Blind is incredible for getting you pumped. We listened to a lot of Soulfly before games as well. And for unadulterated anger in music, it is hard to argue with Rage Against the Machine, especially Killing in the Name Of. So yeah, my tastes have certainly changed over the years, but this kind of stuff still holds a place when I think of shit to get pumped to for my athletic endeavors.

  2. Lol a lot of those songs are on my playlists. I agree with the dude above me. I still listen to severed from mudvayne cause it still gets me pumped.