Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mosh Rebellion's Top Albums of 2010... Will Have to Wait Until 2011

I have been very busy lately, so sadly I won't be able to compile a best-of list for 2010 quite yet. However, I will have another list hopefully written within the next two weeks. What is this list you ask? Well, I used to be ridiculously addicted to downloading albums, so much so that I had over seven days worth of new music in my "New Stuff" folder. I realized my problem recently, and vowed to listen to every single album in this playlist before I got any other music, so I've been busy wading through hours and hours of different releases, some good and some bad. However, once I'm done listening to all this music, I will document my favorite picks for your enjoyment.

It should be an interesting article, full of plenty of metal and non-metal picks. Look for it in the near future... hopefully.

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