Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Slam Spotlight Part 6

You guys remember Cephalotripsy, right? Remember how I said the vocalist and drummer are in another really cool slam band? Well, uhhh... this is that band.

Condemned are everything you would expect from a band that's basically Cephalotripsy with two different guitarists. They have all the slams, puking gutturals and gory imagery of their sister band, but where these guys set themselves apart is they also have legitimate riffs. Cephalotripsy is pretty much all slam all the time, but Condemned's songwriting process actually puts the two guitarists to use. Throughout the album the songs switch sporadically between slow, chugging slams and breakneck speed blast beats and tremolo picking, all with a liberal application of pinch harmonics (for all you gee-tar players out there). This next video is from the band's 2007 full length Desecrate the Vile, and this song is particularly enjoyable because it has guest vocals from three other very talented vocalists, namely Levi Fuselier from Disgorge, Shawn Whitaker from Insidious Decrepancy/Viral Load and Sam Townsley from Parasitic, making for a huge, steaming pile of awesome. This little number is called "Chapter of Defilement".


Desecrate the Vile is out now via Unique Leader Records, yet another solid underground death metal label. Condemned are also currently in studio recording their sophomore album in between the occasional gig or two, so be sure to keep an eye out for that in the near future, I'm sure I'll make a big stink about it here when it comes out. That's all for tonight, see you guys and gals tomorrow.

Fare thee well
-The Baby Killer

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