Friday, December 3, 2010

Slam Spotlight Part 5

Statistical fact: only 25% of the people in this picture actually saw the camera

Now that we've had this series going for a little while, I think it's high time I gave some props to a band that I actually sorta-kinda-somewhat know personally (translation: I saw them at a show in Delaware about a year ago and chatted with them and they're awesome and I stalk them on Facebook because I'm cool like that). Without these guys, I would never have gotten into slam, and I owe them big time for it, so everybody give it up for a band that is very near and dear to me: Fredericksburg, Virginia's own Short Bus Pile Up.

While these guys may not necessarily bring anything game-changing to the genre, they do have a very natural, organic sound, and all of the individual members are locked in with each other perfectly, resulting in insanely catchy riffs/slams and musicianship tighter than a camel's asshole in a sandstorm. Basically, they're nothing new, but they are damn good at what they do. I could drawl on about them until the cows come home, but I'll attempt to retain some of my machismo and just let you all see for yourselves. From their crushing new full length Repulsive Display of Human Upholstery, this is a little number called "Stench of Her Burning Flesh".

Although they've been active for the better part of five years now, Short Bus just recently penned a deal with Sevared Records, and for those of you who don't know, this is a very good thing, because they're pretty much the Metal Blade of all things slam and/or brutal death.  These gentlemen should be proud to be on such a prestigious label, and subsequently Sevared should also be proud to have a very solid addition to their already stellar roster. If you liked what you heard here and are in their neck of the woods, Short Bus Pile Up is playing a show with Waking the Cadaver and Dysentery (another very good band that will definitely be featured in this column in the near future) on January 14th. Yeah I know, Waking the Cadaver is boring as hell, but their touring bassist is actually a good buddy of mine, and honestly I can think of way worse bands to open for, so get over there and show them some love. And if you can't make it, at least pick up the CD.

Hail Satan and stuff
-The Baby Killer

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