Monday, December 6, 2010

Video(s) You Won't Hate Most of the Day

You hate trendy emo kids, right? I thought so, otherwise you probably wouldn't be reading this blog. Second question: you love funny misheard death metal lyrics videos, right? Well then boy howdy, do I have a video for you.

It's no secret that a lot of us here at Mosh Rebellion like to poke fun at Waking the Cadaver from time to time. I mean let's face it, they try really hard, but they just suck. A lot. They have all the right ingredients for a good slam band: their band name/logo is cool, they have all the gory song titles and lyrics, they play br00tal slamz and gravity blasts, but somewhere between conception and execution, the whole band just falls flat on their faces. And yet for some reason, a lot of dumbasses can't seem to get enough of them. Granted most of the said dumbasses are the aforementioned trendy emo kids, so that may be saying something. Anyhow, here's a misheard lyrics video for "Chased Through the Woods By a Rapist" that's all about how emo kids are fags.

Did anybody else see some scrawny little scene chick wearing a Cattle Decapitation shirt somewhere in there? The nerve! But anyway, I'm pretty sure the reason this video is so damn funny is because it's very accurate. Like I keep saying, if nothing else the scene/hardcore kids are a constant source of entertainment. Mwah ha ha, you petty fools. Here's a couple more choice misheard lyrics videos for bands that don't suck at all.

Necrophagist- "Fermented Offal Discharge"

Cannibal Corpse- "Hammer Smashed Face"

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