Monday, December 13, 2010

Reader's Choice: Soreption

Yet another awesome Swedish band, who'd have thunk it

A couple weeks ago, fellow metalhead and MR follower YuRmOm666 told us we should check out the Swedish death metal band Soreption, and it turned out to be a wise decision. The songwriting and musicianship are nothing short of superb, though not pretentious and wank-prone like a lot of modern tech death bands. In fact, labeling Soreption as tech death isn't even entirely accurate, because they've just got too much of a steady groove. The riffs and beats are insanely catchy, the solos are very well composed, and the vocal patterns are highly syncopated, but there aren't too many tempo or time signature changes, so while the composition is excellent, it doesn't get exhausting. If you don't find yourself bobbing your head along to this song, then I know of a few highly qualified psychologists that you should definitely have a chat with. From their debut full length Deterioration of Minds, this is "By Venom Entitled".

I swear I must have listened to that song like four times while typing this up. Anyhow, this Reader's Choice thing is something that we'd very much like to continue doing, so keep sending us bands you think we should showcase here. After all, we only know so many bands, we'll run out eventually without your help. Send us your suggestions in the comments section, and we'll definitely get around to checking them out. YouTube links would be appreciated, or MySpace if you want, even though we all know they've pretty much gone to shit as of late, but regardless, keep 'em coming, we want nothing more than to give back to the fans.