Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Gorgasm album!

That's hot

After a five-year hiatus, the underground brutal death champions Gorgasm are finally ready to release a new album. The new album, entitled Orgy of Murder, will be the Indiana natives' first release in eight years (not counting the demo they released in 2006). The album is set to drop on February 25th via Brutal Bands Records, and last night Sevared Records announced that they will be releasing five hundred vinyl copies of the album the following month. Obviously a lot has changed for Gorgasm in their absence; the only remaining original member is lead guitarist/frontman Tom Leski, but they are confident that the new material is some of the best they've ever written, and that long time fans won't be disappointed. And I must say, after hearing the new song they released to promote the album, I agree heartily. Here you go boys and girls, this is "Exhibit of Repugnance".

Hot damn, I can't wait. Expect a full review when this bad boy is made available to the general public, and in the meantime be sure to pick up the rest of their shit from Brutal Bands and Unique Leader Records. Shoot us a comment about Gorgasm in the comments (derp), and stay tuned for a new episode of Slam Spotlight later in the evening (hopefully).

-The Baby Killer

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