Friday, January 21, 2011

End of the Week

Well folks, it's been yet another eventful week for this little blog of ours. For those of you who may have missed anything, here's what went down.

-We featured new songs from Relapse Records grinders Noisear and Rotten Sound
-We celebrated the tenth-ennial edition of Slam Spotlight
-We showed you the craziest SHKWTCP yet
-We grossed you out yet again with the new Fucked Up Album Cover of the Day
-We announced a two-part update on Protest the Hero
-We also announced a new release from Amon Amarth
-We celebrated Nergal's homecoming
-We announced another tour, but it wasn't as cool as the first one
-Oh yeah, we turned a hundred posts old!
-And finally, we did album reviews for the NYC Sucks compilation and Ghost

Another week at the bedroom office in the books, time to get inebriated. See y'all next week, leave us some love in the comments, or shoot us an email at Circle pits, not karate kicks, bitches!

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