Friday, October 22, 2010

First post. What is this blog about?

Welcome, true metalheads the world over, to Mosh Rebellion! I have created this blog out of outrage and pure anger. I am fed up. And what am I fed up with?

Hardcore dancers.

Slamdancers. Karate Moshers. Whatever you wish to call them, they have permeated themselves into metal culture. It's impossible to go to a decent metal show any more and participate in a good ol' fashioned mosh pit with these kids swinging their arms around, doing jump kicks and endless other types of annoying moves. I understand it's part of the hardcore culture, but when you bring that sort of stuff to a metal show you have crossed the lines. No one in the audience wants to be near these kids because they're scared of getting hurt, and they eventually reduce what could have been a thriving pit into a barren floor for them to use as their own playground and personal dojo. 

I have had many bad run-ins with these types of people in the past and have nearly gotten into fights with many of them. After a hardcore dancer hit me right in the face at the Suffocation show last weekend at the Gramercy theater I decided I couldn't take it any more. It pains me to see a bunch of metalheads staring at the pit, waiting to get their mosh on all night but being forced to watch a bunch of basketball short and flat brimmed hat wearing kids wail at their air.

There is literally nothing more I despise in the world than hardcore dancers, because they ruin metal shows for true fans looking to have a good time. Which is why I say enough is enough. Metalheads, this blog is your opportunity to share with the world your hatred for these people. I insist congregate here, speak in the comments below, and share the world your stories and opinions. The main goal of this blog is to eradicate hardcore dancing from the world, and if we can unite and speak out then it is a possibility. 

I can't take this shit much longer, and I know you can't either. Unite, so that we may rid the world of the hardcore dancing scum! And questions and comments can be emailed to

Let the mosh rebellion begin!