Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quickie Semi-Recent Show Reviews: Despised Icon, Misery Index, and Revocation

Better late than never. I figure I'll go through all the shows I've recently been to and do quick reviews of them, because, well why the hell not? This show, however, has a particularly interesting anecdote attached that you guys might find interesting.

So, it's September 11 of this year, and Despised Icon are currently on their last tour ever with Misery Index, Revocation, The Judas Syndrome, and Everything's Ruined. The show was at Club Europa in Brooklyn. Being a huge fan Despised Icon's latest album, Day of Mourning, I knew I had to check them out at last once before they broke up. I also knew that while Despised Icon played insanely talented Deathcore, this show was bound to attract lots hardcore kids looking for an excuse to fight their insecurities at not being able to maintain a healthy relationship by wailing their limbs like a confused chimpanzee. Suffice to say, I did not have high hopes for good pits.

I ended up missing The Judas Syndrome and Everything's Ruined, which was no big deal since I wasn't going for either of those bands. I ended up catching Revocation in the middle of their set, and they fucking killed. These guys can shred like few other bands out their can. I remember picking up Empire of the Obscene and not really digging it, but seeing them live changed my thoughts on them completely. Check out the following song "Dismember the Dictator" to see what I mean (also, that bass tone is killer). Seriously check these guys out whenever you can.

Up next was Misery Index, a band I just could never get into. Their music has always been "so-so" to my ears, but I have to give props for whoever was doing their sound that night, cause their tone was fucking killer. Being that their sound was so fucking good, I really enjoyed their performance, at least for the first half of it.

Here's what happened. I had been standing on the edge of the pit, obviously not going in because of the copious hardcore kids. At one point one of them decides it would be a good idea to jump into the crowd around the pit and punch the people watching the show. Yes, this guy was punching the crow. Absolutely pathetic. Club Europa is a small venue too, so there really was nowhere to go. Eventually he gets around to my area of the pit and ends up jumping on my friends shoulder. While he's strattling my friend he ends up knocking me right in the face.

Fuck that.

So I pushed the guy and chased him to the other side of the venue. I was fucking furious and screaming shit at him, I can't remember what. I was literally blind with anger. So as I'm poised up against him, criticizing his polo shirt and flat brimmed hat, ready to start a fight I would surely lose, I suddenly realize I am being pushed. Next thing I know there is a wall of people between and literally ten hardcore kids trying to kick my ass. I kept screaming shit, but eventually decided to leave me alone. The people around me told me to "calm down", that "there's too many of them," and "it's not worth it."

As it turns out these hardcore dancers have "pit crews," a term they like to use for gangs. I chased down one person in their crew, and ended up having to face the rest of them. That is absolutely pathetic. If anyone has any more information on what exactly these crews or unions do, the names of a few of them, or any sort of information, please email, because I would love to learn more. This was the event that gave me the most inspiration to start this sight, and I will never forget it.

Anyways, the rest of Misery Index was spoiled for me, as I had a ridiculous headache that lasted throughout the night. Hell, I couldn't get into Despised Icon cause my head fucking hurt so much, but I could tell they were puttin on a good show by the reaction of the crowd.

Towards the end of the show the dancers started chanting "please don't go," and I couldn't disagree with them more. Yes, Despised Icon is a great band and I will miss them putting out new music, but I can't wait for them to leave the scene. Hopefully many other less-talented deathcore bands will follow suit and realize that the time for their scene is coming to an end.

Overall, music was great, crowd was awful. Anyone else go to this show, or any other stops on their tour? If so, what did you think?


  1. This same exact thing happened to me at the Crazy Donkey on Long Island. I was watching Devourment ripe shit up and next thing I know some 6'3 asshole has his back to me swinging his elbows in my face like a pussy. At this point I didn't care how big he was so as he worked his way down the pit I chased him down and started to beat him in the back of his head. Next thing I know him and his friends (who are much much bigger then me) get in my face and start shoving me. I was so infuriated them this that I shoved them all back and next thing I know some random girl is in my face telling me "Don't do this. Don't do this". So security grabbed me and took me out of the venue. I had no hard feelings about it but seriously I don't want this asshole hardcore kiddies think for one second they can get away with swinging and hitting me in the face like some epileptic kid. I'll fight back everytime.

  2. Good for you man. Nice job stickin to the metal faith. I personally haven't had a chance to go to Crazy Donkey yet, and it's sad to hear that these kids pull these moves there as well. And that's fucked up that you got kicked out, I woulda put up a helluva fight with the security guard if they tried to escort me out after some hardcore guy swung elbows at my face, but if you were fine with it more power to ya.

    Stay brutal.

  3. Pit crews? Man fuck that, props to you.

  4. I too had to handle that 'pit crew' situation. It was last year. Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage where headlining the Armory in Albany, and I think they were touring with Soil and Devildriver. Devildriver had a HUGE fucking awesome circle pit going on. While doing my part in the circle pit, I DELIBERATELY got punched in the back of the head. I turned around to the kid behind me and sure enough.... flat brim hat. I asked him what his deal was, at which point he told me that if I had a problem, I could take it up with his 'crew.' Right. Well, I started introducing his nose to my fist after I realized he had actually made me fucking bleed. I found out later him and his stupid fucking crew had given me a concussion. Sadly even after getting mobbed by his 'crew' I still went on with my night like nothing happened. I mean, it was Lamb of God, ya know? I was prolly second row of people back when LoG was on, and I remember this part like it was yesterday. I was headbangin' with one of my friends when i got kicked in the back of the leg. I turned around, and when I did, I was met with a fist to my face. It was the SAME FUCKING KID that I had punched in the face for punching me for no reason. I went to go chase the little fucker down, when my friend grabs my shoulder and yells 'DUDE, it's fucking OMERTA.' He was right. Not that it mattered, because some huge dude wearing a Behemoth tee saw what happened, and chucked that Osiris sneaker wearing kid like he was a fucking javelin. Now if only this happened everytime someone fucked with you....

  5. Dude that shit is fucked up. That exactly is the shit that needs to stop. Absolutely fucking pathetic, reading your comment made me sick, but only made me realize more how much we need to put shit shit to an end. Keep fuckin moshing man, don't ever back down to the hardcore kids. Mad, mad props.

  6. I vividly remember at the second Mayhem Festival, one dumbass tried dancing to Cannibal Corpse. Epic... fucking... fail. Within ten seconds an enormous dude in a Slayer shirt kicked at him (with very little effort too I might add) and sent the little douchebag flying. He was not seen again for the rest of the night

  7. lol that's what you have to love about Corpse shows. That shit never goes down. When I saw them in Poughkeepsie on the 'Sounds of the Underground' tour, I watched a kid try to pull that shit and get destroyed. It turns out it was Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder that put him in his place lol. That guy was the fucking tits. Signed my shirt and took a pic with me in the middle of 'Devoured By Vermin' because he appreciated that I wore his bands shirt to a show. That's what fucking endures about this type of music. The people that are leading the way for our favorite genres of metal love this music and scene just as much as we do.