Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Holy shitfuck, these new Abominable Putridity songs KILL!

Damn, turns out Abominable Putridity have been keeping themselves busy lately. Sadly it would appear that Big Chocolate (aka Disfiguring the Goddess, aka Cameron Argon, aka awesome dude) is not their vocalist anymore, but that's okay, because his replacement is none other than the legendary Matti Way (ex-Disgore & Pathology). His vocals may not be as beefy and low as Vladimir's or Big Chocolate's, but he still has a very unique tone and clear enunciation, and his voice works perfectly with the new music, as you'll see in just a moment. And plus, the guy's a fucking underground legend, so the fact that he's in one of my favorite slam bands of all time is reason enough to get plenty excited. Now, on to the music. As I said, Abominable Putridity has been one of my favorite slam bands for some time now, and now they've only gotten better. They've always had great slams and ball-crushingly heavy grooves, but now they have something else working for them: riffs. That's always been their one setback- all slams all the time, barely any riffing going on at all. I mean they made it work, and no one complained about it, but now they've put out not just one, but TWO new songs, and I was floored by how many legit riffs they have going now. Which of course only serves to make the slams sound that much more powerful, because they're not diluted by the rest of the song. But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself. This first one's called "Lack of Oxygen".

See what I mean? Tremolo picking, Euro blasts, beefy slams used in moderation to make the effect that much stronger, and then Matti Way's instantly recognizable gutturals. And that's not even the best one, this next one's even better. Check out "Remnants of the Tortured".

Oh God, so much awesome! So much win! Can't take it! According to this awesome site that I just found out about that you should totally check out called, the new album will be called The Anomalies of Artificial Origin, and if the rest of the album is as good as these two songs then this should be a shoe-in for the Best of the Year compilations, a compliment that so far has only been bestowed to Gorgasm's new album Orgy of Murder. Alright, that's enough fanboying for one article, you guys get the point by now. If you haven't already done it by now, be sure to add Abominable Putridity's last album In the End of Human Existence to your collection if you're looking for some top quality slam, available via Lacerated Enemy Records (don't worry, I've never heard of them either). Enjoy your Wednesday, folks.


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