Saturday, November 6, 2010

End of the Week: What are You Guys Listening to?

It's that time again when Mosh Rebellion goes on a short hiatus for the weekend. But let's have a little recap to see what we accomplished this week shall we?

- I linked you guys to some unreleased Springsteen tracks. Not related to the blog in any way, but still quality shit.
- I premiered my new column "Video You Will Hate the Most of the Day" with two entries exemplifying how this hardcore dancing trend needs to stop, and soon
- The Baby Killer also premiered two new columns, "Shit Hardcore Kids Wish They Could Play" and "Slam Spotlight" by showing you guys the awesomeness that is Brain Drill and Abominable Putridity
- King of Those Who Know made his writing debut for the site by reviewing a Cattle Decapitation show. And he took pictures! Good man...
- Oceano released a new video. And it sucked.
- I announced a project I'm working on that requires your help in showing me your favorite bass tapping/general bass wankery riffs. I got some good suggestions, but need a lot more, so feel free to post in the comments below or email the site at

And as with last week I want to know what you guys have been listening to. Here are some of my favorite tracks as of late.

The Acacia Strain - The Impaler
I shouldn't like these guys, I really shouldn't, but there's something about this track that never fails to pump me up. Granted this is pretty generic deathcore, but it is better than most of the other shit out there. The guys in the band look like douchebags and they probably are, but for the time being they're producing some top notch deathcore. Listen below. Check it.

Rings of Saturn - Embryonic Anomaly 
I haven't necessarily been listening to this, as much as the opening riff has been stuck in my head all fucking week. The band plays some top notch spacey tech-death, so if the Contortionist or the Faceless aren't cutting for you anymore, I highly suggest you check 'em out. Listen to the song below, it fucking kills.

Bruce Springsteen - Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?
Goddamn I love Springsteen. It's a problem. I'm originally a Jersey boy so I'm pretty much required to love him, but his music is just so amazing. His voice... beyond words. I'll try to write less of him since he has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, but in these end of the week posts expect to see his name often. I've been listening to the acoustic version of this song off of Tracks, a collection of his B-sides, but I can't find it anywhere online, so the following version will have to do. It's pretty damn good, but I encourage you all to find the version I'm talking about since it's absolutely fucking amazing.

So that's what I've been listening to. What about you guys? Post in the comments below...

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