Friday, November 5, 2010

So Oceano Just Released a New Video...

...and unsurprisingly it's awful. This is the epitome of cookie-cutter deathcore. Simplistic chug riff goes into breakdown goes into simplistic chug riff goes into breakdown goes into either another simplistic chug riff, or if they're feeling really adventurous, a slower offshoot of the same breakdown. And as if the song wasn't generic enough, the video contains cut-and-paste footage of the band playing against a dark backdrop with bright lights. Sometimes the video slows down (wowee!) or shows clips of a guy making a bomb, or something, and setting it at the foot of some congressional building. This is truly awful. Check out the video below if you're really compelled to give Oceano your time.

I swear this shit is so easy to play the bassist could do his taxes while playing this song. Why doesn't Oceano realize that this whole deathcore thing is on a downhill spiral, and they should have stopped playing this music after their first album released. Through the Eyes of the Dead realized deathcore's time was short, which is why their new album is so much better than their old stuff, they made a change. This is getting me mad, I need some real, brutal, talented death shit.

Ah... that's much better... Expect a review of the new Oceano album from Dingus in the near future, and apparently he likes them, so it should be interesting.

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  1. Yeahhhh I only made it about 4 seconds into the song before I got sick of it. Unfortunately my computer's kinda slow and I had to sit through another three seconds while I waited for this page to reload after hitting the back button