Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kataklysm Tour Announced... Retaliate Against the Dancers!

Starting early next year, Kataklysm will be embarking across North America on their Spread the Venom Tour. I could never really get into Kataklysm, but I've seen All Shall Perish and Decrepit Birth multiple times and can vouch for their live performances.

I'm a bit worried though. Kataklysm and Decrepit Birth are more traditional Death Metal, but All Shall Perish and Conducting the Grave (whom my fellow writers think kick ass live) are undoubtably going to attract a bunch of douchebags to the crowd. Hardcore kids go fucking nuts for ASP so they're going to come in legions, ultimately ruining the pits for everyone.

Which is why if you go to this show, which combines true death metal and the best of deathcore, YOU MUST GET REAL PITS GOING.

If people are hardcore dancing during Kataklysm, knock them the fuck out of the pit. Same goes for Decrepit Birth and Abysmal Dawn. Let the kids have their playground antics during All Shall Perish (which fucking pains me) and Conducting from the Grave, unless they start crowd punching, in which case you should retaliate. 

As I said before, this show is going to heave great death and deathcore bands, which means both types of crowds will be there. This is when we show them we won't take their shit anymore. Take advantage of this tour, and feel free to tell me how it goes.

2/24 Peabody's – Cleveland, OH
2/25 Reggie's Rock Club – Chicago, IL
2/26 Harpo's – Detroit, MI
2/27 Station 4 – St. Paul, MN
2/28 Park Theatre – Winnipeg, MB – Canada
3/02 Starlite – Edmonton, AB – Canada
3/03 Lake City Bowl – Kelowna, BC – Canada
3/04 Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, BC – Canada
3/05 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
3/06 Branx – Portland, OR
3/07 Slim's – San Francisco, CA (No ABYSMAL DAWN)
3/08 The Whisky – Hollywood, CA
3/09 Soma – San Diego, CA
3/10 Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM
3/11 El Cien – Amarillo, TX
3/12 Ridglea Theatre – Ft. Worth, TX
3/13 White Rabbit – San Antonio, TX
3/15 State Theater – St Petersburg, FL
3/16 Volume 11 – Raleigh, NC
3/17 Jaxx – Springfield, VA
3/18 Alrosa Villa – Columbus, OH
3/19 Evening Star Music Hall – Niagara Falls, NY
3/20 Club Soda – Montreal, QC – Canada


  1. And of course it's nowhere near me

  2. Maybe it won't be so bad, I just saw chimaira in Chicago last night and impending doom played and they are all breakdowns. We were noshing like crazy and there were only 2 homo hardcore dancers and we let them know right away we won't have that shit. So it was an awesome pit all night long. So maybe there will be more metal heads since DB is gonna be there