Monday, November 8, 2010

Good News Everyone!

Update: It's been confirmed! Mazel Tov Nergal!

Apparently, and I'm not 100% sure of this, Nergal (vocalist of Behemoth) found the match he needed for his bone marrow transplant. Hurray! If true, this is fantastic news. Nergal is one of the most talented vocalists in the industry. I've seen Behemoth three times, and they've always put on an amazing performance and had some of the best pits I've ever been in. I pray that Nergal makes it through his leukemia to tour again... the metal scene isn't quite the same without him. Below is my favorite track from the band, "Slaves Shall Serve." Crank it up, keep Nergal in your thoughts, and pray he recovers from his leukemia to keep great real metal alive! Post your favorite Behemoth songs in the comments below.