Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Video You WIll Hate the Most of the Day: 11/2/10

The description of this video is as follows: "There's a lot of bad hardcore dancing videos out there on youtube, this is how we do it in New Jersey."

Enticed by this description, I had to watch the video. Perhaps I had hardcore dancing all wrong, and this video, which shows "true" hardcore dancing, would completely change my opinion.

Nope. Just another infuriating hardcore dancing video. Look at these pathetic kids, swinging their arms and legs like fucking epileptics. Absolutely pathetic.

And worst of all, they're from New Jersey. I'm originally from New Jersey! So now am I not just going to be associated with Jersey Shore, but I'm going to be associated with this bullshit. Fuck this. Check out the video below.


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