Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Slam Spotlight Part 4

Rejoice friends, for slam is officially no longer underground, thanks to San Diego powerhouse Pathology. This band is particularly noteworthy for two reasons: first, they have two ex-members of prominent death metal bands in their roster (ex-vocalist Matti Way founded Disgorge, and current drummer Dave Astor was Cattle Decapitation's original drummer), and second, they managed to score a deal with Victory Records for their newest album.

Questionable choice of label, yes, seeing as their labelmates include bands like Atreyu, A Day To Remember and Emmure, and when the signing was announced I was naturally worried that this meant they would lighten up and become another mainstream deathcore act. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Rather than sell out, Pathology realized that with Victory behind them they had the means to devote a lot of time and money to crafting the best album they could, and by golly they did just that. The new album is just as jam packed with punishing slams, pounding drums and snarling gutturals as their last three, but with squeaky clean and crisp production value, and this video is a prime demonstration. From their newest album Legacy of the Ancients, I give you "Code Injection".


Man, money never sounded so good. Unfortunately, Pathology have been going through some tough times as of late, from a van accident cutting short their stint on the Nile tour, to vocalist Matti Way and guitarist Tim Tiszczenko quitting, forcing the band to find fill-ins for said Nile tour. Also, Dave Pastor announced via Facebook recently that the band is now self-managed, so obviously worries of qualms with the label are abound. Luckily, none of this seems to have slowed them down one bit, because Dave also said that a new permanent vocalist and guitarist would be announced within the week, and the band also has a summer 2011 tour booked with Enthroned and Destroyer 666 (see poster below), so don't count Pathology out just yet. Have a good night everyone, see you tomorrow.

-The Baby Killer

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