Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Slam Spotlight Part 2

Hola mis amigos, The Baby Killer's back to give you more music that would probably make your grandparents disown you for listening to. Today's band is generally regarded as one of the ultimate modern slam bands, and not just by yours truly. The band in question is San Diego's own Cephalotripsy, and when it comes to slam, these guys deliver in spades.

The thing that sets Cephalotripsy apart from their peers is their attention to detail. They know that there are a multitude of slam bands out there that sound almost exactly the same, and they found a way to stay true to the standards of the genre but still stand out. From frontman Angel Ochoa's instantly recognizable gurgle to songwriting that allows every song to sound just a little bit different than the others, this band stands head and shoulders above the rest, and for good reason. They know what the fans love and expect from them, but at the same time they're clearly not afraid to experiment and fiddle around with different ideas, and it pays off beautifully. Take a look for yourself; from their critically acclaimed (aka Sergeant D.-acclaimed) 2007 full length "Uterovaginal Insertion of Extirpated Anomalies", we humbly present to you "Intracranial Butchery".

Sadly Cephalotripsy hasn't done much else since this, but not because they've broken up, but rather because all three members are keeping busy with their 
side projects. If you like what you heard, be sure to check out vocalist Angel Ochoa and drummer Forrest Stedt's side project Condemned (since it's basically Cephalotripsy 2), as well as Forrest's work in Texas gore masters Viral Load. Also guitarist Andres Guzman plays in Gortuary, another very talented slam band that will most likely get some exposure in this series in the future. Take care, and stay tuned for the new installments in this series as well as Shit Hardcore Kids Wish They Could Play very soon.

The Killer of Babies

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