Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fucked Up Album Cover of the Day: Reader's Choice

Holy shit, someone actually listened to us when we said to send in suggestions! Who'd have thunk it? In any case, today's Fucked Up Album Cover of the Day comes to us from one Socco696, and I must say this gentleman (or lady, but let's face it no ladies read this) has a good eye. This one was in my list of considerations for this column, and now that someone else has agreed with me I'd say we have a winner. The album in question is Behind Bars by the very talented one-man brutal tech death band Syphilic. Enjoy.

See, sometimes it takes us a while to get to it, but we really do listen to you guys. Alright then, while you go try to get that image out of your head, don't forget to Tweet this article or share it on your Facebook, and you can also follow me on Twitter at @6baby6killer6. Stay tuned folks, lots more to come shortly.  

-The Baby Killer


  1. And I wonder why no women ever read this site...

  2. Wow! I never thought this one might actually get selected for this column (even though the album cover is quite insane) but thanks anyway.Haters be damned.Cheers and enjoy!