Wednesday, February 16, 2011

King of Those Who Know changes his name to Black Valor and gives his thoughts on California Metalfest V

Hey remember me? I used to do show reviews but I haven't been to a good show for a while now.... anyways, I just want to put out my two cents on something that angers me beyond reason. This would be this year's line up on California Metalfest V. What the  fuck happened? Did we forget last year's line up? Let's go through some of the highlights: The Faceless, Cattle Decapitation, Dying Fetus, Job For A Cowboy, Decrepit Birth, Arsis, Revocation, Conducting From The Grave, Born of Osiris, Son Of Aurelius (Check them out!), hell i even like Stick to Your Guns to an extent. But what of this year?? As I Lay Dying, Suicide Silence, Winds Of Plague, After the Burial (sorry but the last album was nowhere close to the first Rareform). The only bands I would care to see are The Human Abstract (Digital Veil is going to be crazy!!!) and Born of Osiris, maybe even Darkest Hour again. But the good thing is, they are all coming on the Metal Atticus Tour 4, so it doesn't matter.

Granted this is an early flyer, maybe there will even be a second day (I hope), but if not then what happened? I was actually planning to go, thinking this year would be just as good, but now I think not. Maybe we'll see some more bands added to make me eat my words so I can go. But Suicide Silence are just awful.

- Black Valor

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