Tuesday, February 1, 2011

These Guys Have the Right Idea

I stumbled upon a group on facebook today called Mind Your Fists (Mosh With a Conscience), and they are all about the same shit we are here at Mosh Rebellion. According to the group, "At RATM in June '10, a person was watching the band perform. Over the course of an hour, this person was punched 4 times in the back of the head. They spent 5 days in hospital at a stroke unit, unable to talk, unable to think, with minimal strength in their left side. The hospital couldn't find what was wrong. This person now has a condition that can lead to strokes and coma, if left untreated. This is just one person out of a whole load that got injured. All from watching a band." The purpose of this group is to raise money for St. John's Ambulance, "the people that take care of us metalheads at festivals."

This is a good cause if I've ever seen one, and I fully support everything this group is about. However, I don't believe moshing could have caused the incident described above, but only the plague of hardcore dancing could. True metalheads don't make fists when they mosh, and they certainly don't go out to hurt other people just watching the show. This almost definitely has to be the work of hardcore dancers, who do dance with their fists, who do throw punches, and who do jump into random people in the crowd.

Check out the group here. Congratulations hardcore dancers, you're able to put an innocent person in a coma. You should be real proud of yourselves.



  1. We are about to file a lawsuit against a very popular metalcore group and a very popular concert promoter for injuries sustained by a client. He was an innocent kid who tried to stay out of the way of what was an idiotic group of kids forming a mosh pit. The problem really intensified when the lead singer of the group decided to rally the mosh pit to intensify. Really smart and responsible. Now they have to deal with the consequences!!