Saturday, March 26, 2011

Breaking news: Circle of Dead Children announce big lineup change

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Youtube and porn session Saturday afternoon to bring you this bittersweet news about Pennsylvania deathgrinders Circle of Dead Children. Less than an hour ago, the band announced that they have said their goodbyes to guitarist and founding member Jason Andrews. Andrews has been with the band for more than a decade, so this certainly comes as a shock to any and all fans of the band (myself included), and worries of the band splitting up were certainly not unjustified, but luckily the band went on to say that this is not the case. The split was amicable, and long-time bassist Drew Haritan has stepped up to take Andrews' place. As for Haritan's replacement, the band also announced that they are recruiting an outside party that they call a "long-time friend and Pittsburgh metal/punk veteran", named only as Brooks. Well Mr. Brooks, you certainly have your work cut out for you, but if Circle of Dead Children has faith in you, then Mosh Rebellion does as well. The band also said that rather than letting this whole situation get them down, the new lineup has them feeling invigorated and they're already working on a follow up to last year's Psalm of the Grand Destroyer, which you guys may remember from my Best of 2010 list. I know I'm excited, and you should be too, because CODC is one of the unsung heroes of grindcore and extreme metal. Horns up to Jason Andrews, best of luck to you sir, and to the rest of Circle of Dead Children for soldiering on through some potentially very trying times. Can't wait to hear the new tunes, and you can bet they'll be up here when they're unleashed. And now you may resume your day, ladies and gentlemen.

-The Baby Killer

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