Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Noisear video

You guys may or may not remember Noisear from when I reviewed their new album Subvert the Dominant Paradigm last month. A few days ago, Relapse Records announced the premiere of a new music video from that album for the song "The Last Spark of Resistance", and although it's one of the cheapest videos ever (the whole thing is one big picture/video montage), it's also kinda badass. I'm not usually a fan of videos without the band in them, but in this particular case the simplicity of it actually works in its favor. As I said before, the whole thing's just a mashup of video clips and pictures of natural disasters, destruction and anarchy, a.k.a. the source of inspiration for every grindcore band in the history of the known universe. Plus the whole thing's less than a minute long, so this is pretty much as DIY as it gets, kinda like something a metalhead kid would do as a presentation for a class project. In any case, it's still a sweet song, so check it out.


Subvert the Dominant Paradigm is out now via Relapse Records, and the label has also let it slip that Noisear are currently working on booking a full US tour in the near future to promote the new album, so we'll definitely keep you guys informed on that.  Leave your thoughts on the new video below, and keep tuning in for more fun stuff.


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