Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Napalm Death song

Alright my fellow grind freaks, this one's for you. Napalm Death have been working on their new album for some time now, the followup to 2009's instant classic Time Waits For No Slave, but until today this was just words on pages, a distant light at the end of a long tunnel. But at long last, that light is a little bit closer, and if this new song is any indication, that light is shaping up to be very bright indeed. In case you couldn't tell by now, the new song, entitled "Legacy Was Yesterday", is fucking killer, just as much as any other Napalm Death song. The music is well written and has a genuine structure like the last few albums, but Barney Greenway's vocals are more of his distinctive shouting and roaring, so in this particular case everything ends up being a sort of middle ground between the band's new and old sounds, which any Napalm Death fan knows isn't a bad thing at all; these guys are the godfathers of grind, and no one does it better. For what will quite possibly be the best two minutes and fifteen seconds of your day, head on over to Metalsucks and check it out. The song is set to be released as part of Decibel Magazine's ongoing Flexi series, so if anyone out there has a, uh, Flexi player (?), and is subscribed to Decibel, you yourself will be in possession of this song very soon. You lucky, lucky duck. And speaking of Decibel, if anyone who reads this works for/with them, tell them I'm still waiting on MY fucking subscription, which I've had ordered since Christmas! Good thing they're one of the best metal mags around, or I'd be pissed by now. Anyhow, tell all your friends about this cool new Napalm Death song on Facebook or Twitter, and keep doing all that silly stuff we keep telling you to do (following us, follow me on Twitter, etc.), 'cause I'm just gonna keep nagging you until you do it. Happy St. Patty's day everyone, get effed up.


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