Monday, March 28, 2011

New Bloodsoaked album

Happy Monday, everyone. Hope everyone had a fun weekend, but it's time once again to pretend to be a metal news site, so let's get this shit going. To kick the week off, there's some exciting news in the world of the one man North Carolina death metal machine Bloodsoaked, aka Pete Hasselbrack. As of last night, he announced that he is due to enter the studio within the next couple of weeks to begin recording his third full length, The Death of Hope. For those who don't know, Bloodsoaked is one of what many consider to be the Big Three of one man bands, alongside Putrid Pile and Insidious Decrepancy, and with good reason. 2009's Sadistic Deeds, Grotesque Memories was an instant underground hit, garnering him enough attention to get not just one, not two, but THREE music videos on Headbanger's Ball. I can't tell you how happy I was to finally see the monotony of hair-core and Hatebreed videos broken when it first happened. Unfortunately MTV has still kinda kept up that tradition of only playing boring trendy videos with occasional gems thrown in, but Bloodsoaked has continued to break faces the world over, and needless to say I'm very excited to hear what Mr. Hasselbrack has in store for us this time around. For a taste of the new material, check out this video of a recent jam session below.

As of this writing there is no word yet on whether this anonymous drummer is a new member or if he was just there for the purposes of that particular rehearsal, but either way I wouldn't be disappointed. Hasselbrack has done two albums already that sounded fucking dirty even without a drummer, and if this guy ends up joining the band then great, he's really good too. Only time will tell, but in the meantime if you liked what you heard, here's one of the videos I was telling you about that saw its fair share of airtime on Headbanger's Ball not long ago. It's my personal favorite, from the Sadistic Deeds, Grotesque Memories album, entitled "Rotting In Filth".

This album, as well as his first, Brutally Butchered, are available now via Comatose Music, and I strongly suggest you get them both. Leave your thoughts below, and stay tuned for more.


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