Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Hate Eternal song

Alright guys, this one's gonna be a quickie, but it's still exciting, kinda like a BJ from your high school crush. Earlier today, Hate Eternal unveiled a new track from their highly anticipated upcoming album Phoenix Amongst the Ashes, and while at first it seems like it's not as heavy as the rest of their stuff, once you give it a listen or two you'll realize that this is true, but that's because there's much more going on here than we're used to. Hate Eternal has pretty much always been America's answer to Behemoth, a band that is all about nonstop balls-out brutality at breakneck speeds, and don't get me wrong that's great, it's why I got into them in the first place, but this time around the band is really stretching their musical muscle. The music is much more atmospheric and ambient, almost melodic (in fact it pretty much is melodic), but then Erik Rutan's roars and Jade Simonetto's inhuman blasts come in and balance everything out, and this happens sporadically throughout the song. See for yourself as we present the song "Haunting Abound".


I think it's safe to say that May 10th is a date that needs to be marked down on everyone's calendar. Phoenix Amongst the Ashes will be available then via Metal Blade Records, and don't forget that Hate Eternal are going to be headlining one of the best tours this summer. Looks like these guys have a hell of a summer ahead of them, best of luck dudes. Tell your friends about this article on Twitter and all that jazz, and keep tuning in for more cool things.


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