Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Unexpect song!

Well, this is certainly exciting. Just a few minutes ago, the Canadian avant-garde wizards Unexpect finally released their first new song since 2006's In a Flesh Aquarium, and it's just as mind-fuckingly ridiculous as any of their previous material. But then again, what else did we expect, they're fucking Unexpect (pun not intended). Entitled "Orange Vigilantes", this new song pretty much sounds like everything from the last CD, but I don't mean that in a bad way at all. Playing all sorts of crazy, jazzy bits and not knowing the definition of the term "song structure" has always been Unexpect's claim to fame, so it's actually good to see the band sticking to their tried and true formula. There seems to be a lot more emphasis on the violin this time around, and the overall production sounds much beefier than before, so in a way they actually sound a bit heavier now, which is obviously a very good thing. But then again, I've only listened to it twice now, and my fellow Unexpect fans can attest that you can listen to an Unexpect song thirty times and still find something new. "Orange Vigilantes" is available for listening and downloading at the link below, check it out for yourself.

Damn, I'm not even high (yet) and that shit's already messing with my head. The band has promised more updates about the new album in the coming days, so be sure to add them on Facebook to keep up with them, and we'll be sure to put articles up about them accordingly as well. Tell your friends about this on your Facebook or Twitter with the "share" button, and be sure to add me on Twitter at @6baby6killer6 for up to the minute updates on new posts. Leave your thoughts on the new song below, and keep your eyes peeled for more, ladies and germs.


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