Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Hate Eternal album

We've got some very exciting news today guys, lots of cool announcements in one day. We've got a lot of shit to cover, so get comfortable. Our first piece of awesome news coincides perfectly (as suspected) with Hate Eternal's upcoming headlining tour this summer, by way of a brand spankin' new album. That new album, titled Phoenix Amongst the Ashes, is the long anticipated followup to 2008's Fury and Flames. It's safe to say that Erik Rutan and the boys had their work cut out for them, but Metalsucks has assured that it's some of their best material to date, so we'll find out when the record drops on May 10th via Metal Blade Records. Rutan can't seem to shut up about it on Twitter either, so if he's excited then I am. To get us in the spirit for the new album, here's two videos from their past two albums. First up is "Bringer of Storms" from Fury and Flames:

And second is one of my personal favorites, the title track from their 2005 epic I, Monarch:

Suck it. Check out the article linked above for the dates for Hate Eternal's North American summer tour with Origin, Vital Remains and Abysmal Dawn, and tune in later for more exciting tidbits.

Hail Stan

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