Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mosh Rebellion has hit a milestone! 10,000 Readers!

Today is a great day, ladies and gentlemen, for today is the day that Mosh Rebellion received it's 10,000th visitor. Can I get a group "fuck yeah!" Seeing as this blog began late last October and has received minimal  advertising (with the exception of Metalsucks and Heavyblogisheavy), I consider it  a great achievement to have stable enough readers to reach this number of visitors. Special thanks to the Baby Killer and all the other writers for keeping this blog alive with (somewhat) regular posts pertaining to all of our hatred for hardcore dancing. Another special thanks goes out to the seventeen blogspot followers we have, and this is a reminder that you get a special surprise if we can get to fifty, so tell two friends to follow, and they'll tell two friends to follow, and so on and so forth.

The rebellion is still going strong, so expect some new surprises for all you dedicated readers including exclusive news, interviews, and more. Feel free to leave comments below, click the little facebook button to the right to share, and share the rebellion! Here's to another 10,000, and hoping we stay around for 100,000, which we can only do with YOUR help. Stay fucking brutal and true.

- Mosh Rebellion

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  1. Well fuck me running backwards in the woods with a hedgehog