Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh yeah, Skeletonwitch have a new drummer, too

I was actually going to put this one up yesterday, but two things happened simultaneously. First I ran out of time, and then I forgot about it completely until just now. But as is so often the case, better late than never, so off we go. A couple days ago, Skeletonwitch announced that their old drummer Derrick Nau has decided to quit the band in order to direct his focus on art school. This is obviously kinda sad, because losing a band member under any circumstances is mega-lame, but Nau and the rest of the band have assured that it was an amicable split, and it's not like he's leaving the band to go do some stupid lame solo project that we'll never hear from ever again. Yes, I'm talking about you, Kristen Randall. Why don't you stick to what you're good at and show us your tits again. And in any case, Nau's departure doesn't mean the end of Skeletonwitch, because they've already announced Tony Laureano as his replacement, and he's awesome. He's done fill-in jobs for bands like Dimmu Borgir, Nile, Malevolent Creation, Angelcorpse (damn, that's a throwback), 1349, God Dethroned and more. Basically this guy's the Kevin Talley of, uhhh... drums... wait a minute, I fucked that up. You get what I mean, he makes a living drumming for awesome bands (and All That Remains), and now he's in Skeletonwitch, who are also awesome. In their statement, the band said that Tony is scheduled to play with the band "for the foreseeable future", including their next record and their upcoming mini-tour with 3 Inches of Blood (ffffffffffffu-!), the dates for which can be found over yonder. As per usual I won't be able to see them, but this is a fucking crazy lineup, and it's their first tour with the new drummer, so get your tickets if they're coming to your neck of the woods. In the spirit of that tour, smoke weed and hail Satan!


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