Sunday, April 24, 2011

Album Review: Destroying Divinity - Dark Future

Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to the first album review that Mosh Rebellion has received the promo for! We're movin' up in the world, and pretty soon we won't have to pay for any of our music soon! This is a message to all bands: don't be afraid to email us with some of your music for reviews or for the sake of being featured... because if it's decent we'll put it up on the website.

Which is unfortunately what Dark Future is, only decent. I have a hard time saying this, because I feel like I should like the album, as it has all the elements of death metal. Heavy guitar, heavy bass, heavy drums, everything is heavy, but in our modern world of metal music that isn't saying much. One could make a case for Dr. Acula being heavy, but that doesn't mean their music is good, which is unfortunately what happens on this album.

Firstly, the mixing is not that great, and the bass is hardly audible. Everything seems like it's all at one dynamic level, making no single instrument stand out, which isn't a big deal since the individual instruments don't do much anyway. There are rarely any guitar solos, and while the drummer can keep a pretty steady double-bass, he never goes over the top or sounds like he's consciously attempting to progress his sound. Then there are the vocals, which just sound like angry talking. There's not enough anger or emotion behind the vocals to make them really noticeable, so they're just kind of there for the most part.

Everything just sounds a bit sluggish and forced overall, and none of the songs really stand out, so I guess I can end this review pretty early on by saying that just because you meet the criteria for death metal, doesn't mean your music is brutal or heavy in any way. Dark Future get's a


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  1. Let it be known that I actually liked this album