Monday, April 4, 2011

New Dim Mak album

Oh hey, speaking of things that are related to Origin and Hate Eternal, it turns out that another one of John Longstreth's many projects Dim Mak is also preparing to release a new album soon. For those of you who don't know (I just recently found out about them myself), Dim Mak is the side project of John Longstreth (Origin, Gorguts, Angelcorpse, Skinless, etc.) and Shaune Kelley (Hate Eternal, Ripping Corpse), and the music is pretty much old school death metal with really good drums and guitars (go figure). As an added bonus, they're also based in New Jersey, and as you guys may or may not know both myself and the writer Mosh Rebellion are from south Jersey, so it's always exciting to hear a really good band come from our neck of the woods. This place is so overrun with hicks and hardcore kids that it's not even funny, so something like this is a breath of fresh air for us. And even if you're not from Jersey, Dim Mak are still cool, so everyone wins. The new album is titled The Emergence of Reptilian Altars, and it is the first to feature their new vocalist Joey Capizzi, formerly of Dying Light. The band didn't give a specific release date, but Kelley did use the phrase "finishing touches" in his statement, so it can't be far off. For those who are uninitiated, here's an older Dim Mak track from their 2006 album Knives of Ice, called "Great Worm of Hell".

Kinda sounds like Obituary on 'roids, doesn't it? Can't wait to hear what the new stuff sounds like. Leave your thoughts on Dim Mak below, and as always stay tuned for more.


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