Sunday, April 24, 2011

Interview with Lecherous Nocturne's Jason Hohenstein

Lecherous Nocturne is a damn cool band, fronted by a damn cool man who goes by the name of Jason Hohenstein. He's a towering figure who, once he takes the stage, is intimidating and in-your-face as fuck. The Baby Killer and I recently saw him tear an audience to shreds in Trenton, and in the process found out that he hates hardcore dancers as much as we do. Knowing this, I had to interview him, so here it is... I hope you guys enjoy it!

MR: Firstly, I want to thank you for taking your time out of your no doubt busy tour schedule to answer some questions. The Baby Killer and I saw you at your Trenton show and thought you guys absolutely killed! How has the tour been so far?

Stein: The tour was amazing. All the bands got along really well, and I became a completely devoted Melechesh fanboy after this

MR: In a somewhat related question, how have the pits been? I know Trenton was a small venue and there wasn't much moshing going on during your set, except when you all-out challenged the audience to do it for a free CD (and even then it was only some other dude, the Baby Killer and I in the pit). How have they compared to other tours you've been on?

Stein: Well, this wasn't really a "mosh pit" kinda tour package, so we weren't too worried about it. The 2 preceding tours we were a part of were really the "mosh-pit" kinda packages(Cannibal, Immolation). This was more of a headbanging show.

MR: Your most recent album was released in 2008 under the title The Age of Miracles Has Passed. Do you guys plan on releasing a new album any time soon or will the clamoring masses have to wait for 2012 or later for a new release?

Stein: Nope...we are hard at work on the new record which should be released sometime around end of Summer/Fall.

MR: Ok, as you may have seen from the website, Mosh Rebellion is all about hatred for hardcore dancers, and is central in letting people voice their opinions on such dancers. At the Trenton show there were some dancers for the opening bands, but they decided to leave soon after they were done playing. How have the rest of the shows been when it comes to hardcore dancers?

Stein: No offense, but there were NO hardcore dancers/floor punchers/amateur karate kickers on the rest of the tour AT ALL...hehe. Only Trenton. Hopefully that ignorant shit is dying...

MR: You had the courage to actually make a joke at the expense of those dancers, the meat of which I forget at the time, but I nonetheless applaud you for it. Do you find that making fun of them is usually the best way to get them out of the pit, or do you actually confront them firsthand? In other words, what is the best way to get the dancers out of the pit, in your opinion?

Stein: I've been doing it for years. Saying something about the white belts, the swoop hairstyles, the girlpants. It's done out of humor, and getting a reaction. Not only from the spinkickers, but from the rest of the crwod as well. There are always boos and laughs at the same time. Fuck em. And I've never had to confront them firsthand..hehe.

MR: Do you believe there is any place for dancing at all, even at a hardcore show?

Stein: I mean, some people consider circle-pit moshing or headbanging, dancing. I just hate the fact that some moron might be spinning out of control and hit someone with a blindsided, out of control fist, who are there just to have a good time. Then when confronted, they're like, "I was just dancing, it was an accident.". No, you are throwing a punch, and if you hit me, I will retaliate.

MR: What are the funniest, worst, most pathetic stories related to hardcore dancing that you can share with the readers of this website?

Stein: Just watching it is pathetic. Some of these people look to be in a full, epileptic seizure. No offense to Epilepsy...

MR: Hardcore dancing at metal shows is pretty much an epidemic in the northeast, but you guys hail from California. Do you have just as much of a problem with these people coming to metal shows as those of us in the northeast do?

Stein: Correction, we hail from the Carolinas...haha. And it was everywhere for awhile, but it's dead there now....thank Hell.

MR: If you could say one thing to every hardcore dancer out there, what would it be?

Stein: If you want to show off your amatuer karate skills, do it away from the people who are there to see the outside or by the bar.

MR: One more question, unrelated to any of the other ones. I have been trying to grow a beard for a long time now, but it never works out. You, my good sir, have a glorious beard, and I envy you for it. Can you quickly share some tips on how to grow a righteous beard like yours?

Stein: Well, the beard is gone for now, since I'm home, but here are a couple of tips. 1- Stop shaving! Even if your beard is patchy, you have to condition your face to growing it out. Let it grow for about a month or two, then shave, then immediately grow it out again. It's called "hair-farming' for a reason...hahahaha. 2- Keep it clean! Your pores and follicles have to be healthy to produce hair continuously. That's about it...

MR: Once again, thanks for answering all of our questions, and hopefully with your help we can rebel against these dancers and get real moshpits started at metal shows. Do you have any final words for the readers of this site?

Stein: Keep and eye out for the new record Myth Manifest, and keep supporting great, hardworking bands on tour.....Salute!

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